Jemal Roberson


(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

Jemal Roberson was shot and killed by police outside Bar Manny’s Blue Room Lounge after police responded to a 911 call about shots fired. Jemal Roberson, a security guard had dreams of one day of becoming a police officer before the tragic events took place. The events unfolded when a group of men started making trouble and was told to leave the bar. Sometime after, the men returned and one of them had a gun and a firefight ensued. During the fight, all the men were injured but none with life-threatening injuries.

Jemal managed to pen one of the men down while he waited for help from the police. The first officer on the scene shot Jemal after seeing him with a gun and on top of (assuming he was the shooter) another person. It wasn’t until after people started yelling that he was the security guard that the officer knew he made a mistake. Jemal was a true hero that didn’t run during the altercation but stood his ground and put his life on the line to protect strangers. In all honesty, I don’t blame the officer for the murder of this young man-even though the officer was quick to shoot without giving any warning what-so-ever. Who do I blame for this murder? American white society subconscious-Social conditioning fear of the big black man coming to get them for all their grandparent’s sins of the past.

Yes, the big black man is the number one enemy of the American white person who lives in fear every day of having their house broken into. Or stealing their white collar jobs or filling the classrooms of ivy league Universities with loads of niggas. Oh yes, the big black scary nigga is coming with the intentions of stealing and raping their women. Hey, guess what? If black Americans haven’t turned the United States into Palestine (which they have a right, by the way, America should be so lucky that black people are so passive) then you don’t have anything to fear.





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