You Have Been A Bad Little Saudi

The other day when I was watching the news about the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi. I thought to myself why isn’t anybody talking about the racism and domestic abuse on domestic workers in Saudi Arabia? I’m sorry about what happened to him but I didn’t see him fighting for the poor. But, since he had all those fancy titles and jobs and who he knew “important people” so that makes him worthy of international news coverage over poorer people being abused and killed. And all these leaders condemning this savage-in-your-face murder but no country is cutting ties with Saudi Arabia. Why? Because the Saudis owned those psychopaths who pretend to be appalled about this murderous act but will still continue to do business with them. All those evil racist journalists who pretend to care about press freedom but yet looked down on Julian Assange and actually support the mental abuse he is suffering from the evil English who haven’t change their spots just hid them well. I’ve said it before and I say it again! The Saudis are one of the worst out there but yet countries continue to support these evil racist bastards. I don’t believe in peace when somebody is just pure evil and that is what I think about them. When It comes to the Saudis, violence should be met with violence regardless of the situation.


The Rise Of Hate

For a few months I have been away in Stuttgart working for a new company so I was unable to write on my blog due to my odd living situation. I left the job, Stuttgart and came back to Berlin last week as this is where the try fight lies for injustice. This past Saturday and along with my brother and 250 thousand of my comrades. We put feet to the pavement to stomp out the rising tide of hate that is engulfing this country and the continent. The new AFD party is a threat to the German federal republic so we must confront this threat for our children and their children. Just yesterday in the state of Bavaria, the AFD party manage to acquire seats in the local government.