It’s Time For A Mental Health Check

Did you hear the news about the recent events in my favorite state in the EU? Well, did you hear about it or what? Ok, ready, ready, here it goes–Italy voted in two fascist parties into parliament. The Lega Nord party led by the scum criminal Matteo Salvini. Look, see photo below.

(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

The Lega Nord won the majority of the North and Central parts of Italy.

Then we have the scum of the earth the Five Star Movement Led by Luigi Di Maio.

(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)


The Five Star Movement won the majority of the south including Sicily and the island of  Sardinia.

Well, I proposed that every citizen of the Italien republic who voted for these savages have their heads check. Because, as you know,  it’s the men in Brussels and all the immigrants “flooding” Italy why everything is messed up, right? The immigrants are responsible for Italy having over 60 governments since the end of the second world war, right? It’s the immigrant’s fault why Italy can’t properly provide a stable economy for university graduates to find jobs, right? You know, those students who study their ass off for four or more years only to move back in with their parents at 30! Both parties are anti-EU and anti-German and did I say racist, too?  If president Sergio Mattarella and EU officials don’t do something to stop this clown show there will be catastrophic consequences down the road for Italy and the EU.


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