Thank You, Mr. Piggy.

I would like to thank you Mr. pig-police and your other two partners for interrupting my space and alone time at the airport. Apparently, Stuttgart airport police have a problem with black people sitting down and eating a fucking sandwich. Three hours to go before my flight back to Berlin so let me sit down and eat this fucking sandwich I just purchased. “Wow, this is a nice airport, I will definitely come back here.” I love how all three of you officers approached me with guns as I was terrorist. So you thought since I’m not in a monkey suit dress for white people’s approval you would harass me. Too bad you came up on the wrong nigga, huh? You thought all three of you could immediate me because you had guns and an automatic rifle, right? Wrong, you found out that this nigga wasn’t scared and in fact more intelligent than you. It’s ok, I was happy to verbally dismantle your argument piece by piece on why I “look like a suspect.” I was happy to catch you in a lie and have you stumble upon your own words thus embarrassing all of you. Since you three racist German police-pigs wanted my ID. It’s only right you give me yours too, Nazi, oops, I mean Mr. Policeman. Here is the photo of the racist piece of shit cop ID, you can see the coward hid his face.



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