America: Home Of State Terrorism

America isn’t a free state like some would have you believe. It is full of corrupt, vile, evil, racist, bloodthirsty, mass murdering public officials who would gladly wipe out half the population if it meant staying in power. While the rest of the other industrialised nations are eons ahead of the United States in terms of social freedoms and health care. The US government has gone on for decades on an intelligently well crafted advertising campaign against its citizens of self-grandiosity. After WW2, America went on a rampage around the world conducting murders of Americans citizens, foreign citizens, overthrowing elected leaders in other countries and replacing them with mass murderers. Economically enslaving and destroying other countries just because they had the power to do so. Meddling in the political affairs of other nations issues that didn’t concern them and ultimately making fragile political situations worse. Using international US base companies that were planted in other countries to be use as spy rings. Instigating the Vietnam War that resulted in the deaths of millions which included my uncle by the way. COINTELPRO: which was a government program that was design to dismantle the black civil rights movement–engaged in state terrorism, harassment, murders, planting false evidence, and wrongful imprisonment just to name a few. So even after a hundred years of Jim Crow laws, murder and death. The US government felt that black people didn’t have a right to protest, argue against the system, learn to read and write, bare arms, defend themselves against state oppression. The government felt that black people should be happy about the crumbs that was offered to them and be-quiet. The government was disgruntled, so again, that’s why COINTELPRO was made on the insistence of that devil, J Edgar Hoover. Here’s a question, if America is so free and democratic then all black panthers members who are in exile or in prison should be release or allowed to return back to the United States, right? Wrong, the government still believes that COINTELPRO was good for the nation…good for all white citizens of America and those black revolutionaries should still pay for fighting the white supremacist order. So no, you will not be seeing my fellow comrades celebrating their freedom because the whole system is still racist and corrupt. I will say that if I was born back then I surely too would be dead, jailed or in exile. The problem with fighting racism and the system are the people who decide to do noting and just want to live their lives, I ask you, what right do you have to just live your life while people in other countries and within the U.S. die for your comforts because of the US governments terror campaign. One must remember or simply people don’t know that black people in the United States are classified in the United States constitution as property. Translation: meaning, you as a black person are to be owned and subservient to your owner! And it doesn’t matter how many years pass and people say we came along way. No, you haven’t progress as far as you think. Some white people in America still see black people as property and that’s the reason why racism is still alive in America, and that’s why it’s getting worse, because a lot of dead brain self-deluded black folks are still running around thinking they are free.


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