The Great Conspiracy

Seven Steps To Legal Revenge

Step 1
Think long and hard about over whether you really need revenge. It is almost always better to forgive than to repay.

Step 2
You should know not only who you want revenge against, but exactly why you want revenge against him. Revenge should not just be taken against a person, it should be taken against an action.

Step 3
The principle of proportionality. Revenge should match the crime not only in magnitude but in type. Good revenge is connected to what was done to you. If you for example want to avenge someone who’s been unfaithful or dumped you, the punishment [sic] should have something to do with dating / sex / fidelity.

Step 4
Brainstorm punishments that fit the category of your required revenge. To continue the example, you could break up your victim’s current relationship, or make sure his new girlfriend cheats on him, or put a damper on his sex life, or set him up with a bad partner.

Step 5
Figure out how you can revenge systematically. Maybe a series of letters and photos leading his new girlfriend to believe you’re still together is better than a big lie once in a while?

Step 6
Rank your schemes low to high in terms of probability of success, effort on your part, and satisfaction if achieved. The ideal scheme should rate highly in all three rankings but a greater effort and more capital can secure output for the other two actually more important parameters.

Step 7
Put your plan into action. And remember to keep your goal as you operate, and make sure your victim suffers in the same way he made you suffer


The list above, you see was written from a fake, Niccolo Machiavelli.  The Seven Steps To Legal Revenge: As you can see, this brainless little manifesto was clearly written by someone who is vindictive and a psychopath. The person who wrote this is Anna Ardin. She is one of two who has accused Julian Assange of rape. My fellow brother and journalist has been imprisoned in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012. Even though the rape charges in Sweden have been drop he still isn’t free to leave because England wants him from failing to appear in court when summoned. Julian Assange is right to fear for his life because England has an extradition treaty with the United States that could be called upon whenever he is in the custody of the English. The truth is, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have made some powerful enemies around the world that would be happy to silence him and the organization for good. In 2010, when WikiLeaks release “Iraq War Logs” you could see the worlds government leaders colluding together to stop this rebel from exposing more of their murderous evil ways. I think all the conspiracy talk over the years of establishing a one world government was proving right. Julian Assange showed us that the western leaders pretend to disagree with each other in public but in private all participate in threesome’s. If there was any doubt that you were free in your country that all went out the window the day WikiLeaks release the government classified cables. Julian Assange showed us that the western governments see us as puppets to be controlled and enslaved to their will. In response to the leaked classified documents, the leaders were looking for ways to stop him. So the CIA and the Swedish security services collaborated together by inviting him to Sweden using the CIA asset Anna Ardin. If Julian Assange is guilty of anything he is guilty of being a womanizer and the CIA used his weakness of the opposite sex to smear his name and reputation. Now, why would I say Anna is a CIA asset? One: she worked with US-funded CIA anti-Castro groups in Cuba. She has ties to right-wing groups throughout South America. For a self-proclaimed feminist from Sweden Anna Ardin really gets around, doesn’t she? Anyway, when Anna found out Julian was sleeping with not only her but Sofia Wilson she decided to use that opportunity to destroy Julian Assange by accusing and convincing Sofia to accuse Julian of rape. Julian had sex with Sofia twice–the first time a condom was used but the second time it wasn’t. Sofia Wilson had regrets about not using a condom and when she found out that Julian had been sleeping with Anna as well. That’s when Anna was able to convince Sofia she should tell the police she was raped and the two women went to the police and said they were both raped. There was never any rape, this was planned and executed by two harlots on behalf of the US government to smear Mr. Assange. These two should be sued, jailed, discredited and unable to find jobs afterwards. For each year this man has been away from his family these two harlots should pay him at least fifteen thousand. I wish I was a judge in Sweden I would come after these two with everything and also that shit prosecutor Marianna Ny. What England is doing to this man is inhuman…inhuman! But what do you expect from England? Integrity? No, you won’t find that from them but only a high degree of self-importance. The English haven’t changed since their colonial days at all, if anything, they would invade more countries. Wait! I’m mistaken, the English did invade more countries. They fucked up Libya and Syria. The truth is, England want’s to feel special apart from everyone else, they feel they are above international law or the laws of Brussels for that matter. That was one of the primary reason for them leaving the European Union. There should be protest/sit-ins everyday at the British Parliament until this atrocious act is resolved. There should be a travel boycott on England until Mr. Assange is release and he should be reimbursed for this crime of mental torture and false imprisonment committed against him. What the British government has/are doing to him on the behalf of the United States is just wrong and civil disobedience from the public is in order. The people should make it difficult for the snobs in parliament to do their jobs until Mr. Assange is free.


The All White Business Syndrome

For some of us black people–continuing our education beyond high school is an achievement of self-worth and knowledge, and also a sense of pride for our families.  Unlike our white counterparts, some of us black folk might be the first to ever receive education beyond high school. Whatever education that might be, either college, university, technical school or on the job training. But for future young black graduates, the road towards success seems bleak and finishing school is only the first step. The school where you are studying, won’t tell you, while at the same time you rack up student debt. That you are not guaranteed a job after you finish school just because you have a diploma. Remember, and it’s important…you are still a nigger. Well, what do I mean by that? When you finish university you venture into another world of employment than before. Not to be disrespectful to people who work( servant jobs) minimal wage jobs but low paying jobs are designed for black people, not for white people who are considered higher on the social ladder. The other jobs such as doctors, surgeons, judges, attorneys, bankers, businessmen, CEOs, managers, dentists, writers, journalists, teachers, professors, scientist, engineers, computer programmers, policemen, military generals and politicians. All the professions listed above are a source of power and control and was design for and to be occupied by whites only. For some whites, (as said in another paper) black people are still seen as property and should behave as such. All domestic jobs can be traced directly back to slavery and that’s why black people globally are having issues when working in an all-white environment. Because to some, you should be cleaning the office not working side-by-side to them and when ever you see an all white business that should be a big red flag. You probably wondering, I just applied for this job and had this great interview. You probably was only the 3rd black candidate out of a pool of 20. And it doesn’t matter if the person they hired over you is less qualified but what matters is that he is white and (mostly white male) he or she will get along with the other colleagues in the office. Hey, don’t feel bad, If it makes you feel better they didn’t hire the other two black candidates and those two had more years and experience than everybody. The problem, white tribalism, white people, in general, like to be surrounded socially by people who look like them. Date people and marry people who look like them and ultimately work with people who look like them. Well, why is that a problem? Well, it’s a problem when it comes to the workforce and When you have a particular group that holds all the power to shape other people’s lives…then that’s when you have a major problem. Our mothers and fathers encourage us to be better than the previous generation by receiving an education and then tell us we should go out and beg the white man for a job who thinks we should be cleaning his shoes and wiping the shit off his fucking toilets! White people have these companies all white because they don’t want to worry about what they say or do that would normally offend someone else. Amongst themselves, they can make inappropriate jokes about other people, religions or some underside racist comment without someone checking them and saying, “hey!! you shouldn’t say, that. That’s racist.” They don’t wanna have the feeling of walking on eggshells whenever a black person is around. Ok, you still want to work in an all-white office as a black person? Hmm, ok then, well be prepared that they may ask stupid questions about you being black. They might recite racist jokes that they think is funny but isn’t funny just really fucking racist. The few black folks that are in the office can never get together and laugh because you might make the other white colleagues nervous. Also, and you can’t laugh too loud or you might make your colleagues nervous. You can’t become too aggressive or raise your voice during a confrontation at work because since you are black you are already seen as violent. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, be ready to be stereotyped like never before. You listen to classical opera and classical music? Heavy metal? Techno music? Watch how perplexed some of your work colleagues seem when they see that you listen to that. “Oh, I thought you listen to hip-hop, isn’t that more of your music?” Thing is, you could be more culture, traveled, educated and well-behaved than your white colleagues. Societies here in Europe and America will still see and treat you less than a human being…. like a nigger.


The Solution

We black people should and have to learn entrepreneurship if we want to survive. That is the mistake our parents never taught us. When you go to school to get your degree in whatever field you take you should also take business classes if you can or take a major in business. We need more black businesses so more black folk can be employed everywhere. So more black folk can put food on the table and look their woman and kids in the eye with pride and as a man. I won’t lie to you, I think the system of capitalism is evil, bloodthirsty, has no morals, no heart, and has no compassion for you as a human being. It corrupts and brings out the most savage and greedy nature of all human beings. For the time, capitalism isn’t falling tomorrow and being replaced with (Vladimir Lenin communism) communism. So, for the time, you as a black person must learn about the capitalist financial system from top to bottom and how to successfully maneuver through it. Learn about investing in the stock market, bitcoin and learn about the trappings of debt and how it brings you into economical enslavement. Remember, before you can get that loan from the bank to start your business we need more black bankers to approved and not charge high-interest rates on that business loan. I find nothing more humiliating as a man and having to ask another man who has less life experience than a five-year-old child for a job. If we truly want to be free from job discrimination then we have to learn to be self-sufficient from the racists who control our lives. True step to freedom is knowledge and the ability to infiltrate all facets of power up to the White House or the European Union.

America: Home Of State Terrorism

America isn’t a free state like some would have you believe. It is full of corrupt, vile, evil, racist, bloodthirsty, mass murdering public officials who would gladly wipe out half the population if it meant staying in power. While the rest of the other industrialised nations are eons ahead of the United States in terms of social freedoms and health care. The US government has gone on for decades on an intelligently well crafted advertising campaign against its citizens of self-grandiosity. After WW2, America went on a rampage around the world conducting murders of Americans citizens, foreign citizens, overthrowing elected leaders in other countries and replacing them with mass murderers. Economically enslaving and destroying other countries just because they had the power to do so. Meddling in the political affairs of other nations issues that didn’t concern them and ultimately making fragile political situations worse. Using international US base companies that were planted in other countries to be use as spy rings. Instigating the Vietnam War that resulted in the deaths of millions which included my uncle by the way. COINTELPRO: which was a government program that was design to dismantle the black civil rights movement–engaged in state terrorism, harassment, murders, planting false evidence, and wrongful imprisonment just to name a few. So even after a hundred years of Jim Crow laws, murder and death. The US government felt that black people didn’t have a right to protest, argue against the system, learn to read and write, bare arms, defend themselves against state oppression. The government felt that black people should be happy about the crumbs that was offered to them and be-quiet. The government was disgruntled, so again, that’s why COINTELPRO was made on the insistence of that devil, J Edgar Hoover. Here’s a question, if America is so free and democratic then all black panthers members who are in exile or in prison should be release or allowed to return back to the United States, right? Wrong, the government still believes that COINTELPRO was good for the nation…good for all white citizens of America and those black revolutionaries should still pay for fighting the white supremacist order. So no, you will not be seeing my fellow comrades celebrating their freedom because the whole system is still racist and corrupt. I will say that if I was born back then I surely too would be dead, jailed or in exile. The problem with fighting racism and the system are the people who decide to do noting and just want to live their lives, I ask you, what right do you have to just live your life while people in other countries and within the U.S. die for your comforts because of the US governments terror campaign. One must remember or simply people don’t know that black people in the United States are classified in the United States constitution as property. Translation: meaning, you as a black person are to be owned and subservient to your owner! And it doesn’t matter how many years pass and people say we came along way. No, you haven’t progress as far as you think. Some white people in America still see black people as property and that’s the reason why racism is still alive in America, and that’s why it’s getting worse, because a lot of dead brain self-deluded black folks are still running around thinking they are free.