Cut The Shit!

You know what? CNN makes me sick to my stomach to the point where I might have an ulcer. This is for all those snobby, uptight talking heads on CNN. While you lot are busy taking shots at Trump real issues are neglected. Where were you when Bush stole the election from Gore? Where were you when George Bush Jr lied and illegally invaded Iraq thus killing millions of people? Oh, I forgot, you were busy selling the war to the public on behalf of the military-industrial complex. You neglect to report on poverty in the black communities and intentionally fail to report on corruption in Washington and corporate white America. So my question, who secretly gave the order to personal go after Trump? There coverage isn’t even professional journalism but trash reporting with a hint of self-righteous arrogance behind it. CNN, as an organization isn’t in the moral position of attacking anyone giving that the media outlet is racist in itself and lacks journalistic integrity. One could maybe understand that this corporate corrupt organization actually cared about the human rights of native Indians, black Americans, Mexicans, Haitians, and the sovereignty of third world countries bullied by the United States government. One could argue that’s the reason CNN has decided to go on this attack but that isn’t the reason is it? People in high level of government are using CNN and the Russian Hacking scandal as a precursor to impeach Trump because they can’t control him. The CNN reporting on this buffoon is part of a much bigger picture at hand as I said before-to impeach him or to bring down his approval ratings so much he is unelectable in 2020. CNN, who hires ex-employees and current employees of the DOA as “political analyst” is further proof that CNN is in bed with the deep state. Or, maybe I’m wrong, maybe CNN isn’t shaking hands and mingling with government officials at parties in Washington. You know what I think? I think that evil news organization doesn’t care if Trump is a result of racism in America which they fail to address. Also, so what if the Russians did interfere in the election. Now, America knows how it feels when other governments meddle in your business. In my opinion, America still hasn’t paid for the murder of Salvador Allende or the murder of thousands of people in Latin America or all the crimes and deaths in (globally) the second half of the 20th century. Tonight when I go to bed I will dream that CNN and the mainstream media will go out of business. Then next, I will dream that Americans wake up out of their sleep and takedown the fascist United States, oligarchy government we currently have in place.


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