Boko Haram

Founded by Mohammed Yusef in northeastern Nigeria in 2002, Boko Haram has been responsible for kidnappings, murders, bombings, corruption of public officials and the displacement of millions of Nigerians. The group’s aim is to establish an Islamic state in the northeastern part of the state. The group is based In Borno, Nigeria. In 2009, Mohammed Yusef was captured by the Nigerian Military and handed over to the Nigerian police which in-turn decided to execute the Islamic leader-the group has been led by Abubakar Shekau since 2009. In 2014, the group gained international coverage when 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped. The Islamic group campaign of terror can be traced to Niger, Northern Cameron, Chad and has established links with ISIS. One could say that the group is anti-democratic as the group has stated they are against western-education and reject anything considered to be influenced by the west. Years of British colonialism, years of military dictatorships, corruption in the Nigerian government which continues today, extreme poverty even though Nigeria has one of the biggest economies in Africa. All of the points stated are reasons why Boko Haram are in existence today. Nonetheless, the group has a force of more than 15,000 members. They have more than enough battle experience and intelligence to stage a successful guerrilla campaign against the government if they really wanted too. I deem the group a severe threat to the state of Nigeria But the state is too scared to wipe them out completely. But, what can the Nigerian government do when they themselves have been compromised by the Islamic group. They (the Nigerian government) too, are up to their necks with corruption and greedy politicians and misdeeds to confront the group. The Nigerian government must learn how to accurately distribute the wealth to the rest of the population then maybe you can begin to stamp out the Islamic group. You know what? My family was slaves in Mississippi as of every (throughout the south) other black American. Nigeria is the country where my family originally comes from. I hope to make the trip to the country of my family one day….to Africa. Hopefully, Nigeria can stop this group before it’s too late but one can only hope.



I still remember it vividly, it was July 2003, I was standing on top of a mountain in Rodalquilar, Spain in the region of Andalusia. On top of the mountain, I could see the town and the whole landscape reaching out towards the ocean. It was beautiful beyond words even now after fifteen years I can still recall the setting. At that moment, on top of the mountain, I saw my future flash before my eyes. Me, becoming a father to several children, growing old, having grandkids and taking my last breath here on this continent. All this flashed in front of me in a moment that’s when I decided I would leave the US after I was done with college. I always believed my life was always heading towards leaving the country either it would be Europe, South America, Southeast Asia or Toronto which was my wife and I first choice before ultimately moving to England. In Cleveland, I was surrounded by racism and bigotry from black and white. Plus, extreme racism I never experience growing up in Mississippi. It seemed that white people in Cleveland really felt superior and a ( I was called a nigger twice from two different passing cars in one summer)  genuine hatred for black people. And black people’s bigotry towards whites wasn’t reactionary but actual hatred which by the way they had a right too. And plus, the city is segregated physically and mentally. At this time, the Iraq war had just gone down and that shit made me angry that the United States could get away with an illegal war without any consequences. While in College, I read everything I could about International law and the International Criminal Court like it was a new religion. From this, I was convinced and absolutely sure the whole entirety of the Bush Administration should have been indicted on war crimes. But that leads me to another topic: the hypocrisy of the International Criminal Court but that’s an issue I will address in detail later. The summer of 2006 was a great introduction to Europe and overall a great summer. I remember the FIFA World Cup had just begun and the whole continent was on fire celebrating, there wasn’t a better time to be in Europe. But that was in 2006, now as I write this article in 2018 the mood in Europe isn’t as carefree as It once was. Since the European governments never learn from their past mistakes in meddling in others people’s cultures. Their sins are catching up to them faster and with devastating results. The new European imperialism is different now than it was over a hundred years ago. Now, European governments secretly support the US government in their aid of aggression around the world while pretending to be better than the Americans. For example, Angela Merkel lets in thousands of Syrians refugees into Germany because of the Syrian civil war. Well, you are probably thinking she is a good ol’ lady, right. No, she isn’t, Germany has secretly been supplying the opposition groups in Syria thus contributing to further conflict in the war-torn country. And around Europe, racist right-wing political parties have taken power making the world hold it’s breath. In Italy, the “Northern League.” In Austria, the “Austrian People’s party.” In french, the “National Front” lay in waiting to bring the nation to ruin. In the UK, well, the Brexit vote which was base on racism as said in a previously posted article. In Poland, the “Law and Justice party.” In the Netherlands, the “Party for freedom” lay in wait to destroy one of Europe’s most multicultural societies. At this moment, Europe is heading down a road of divide and destined to repeat WW2 just in another form than before. The problem, since Europe and Europeans and other white nations have all the global power. We (the world) have to worry because when they decide to do some crazy shit they usually drag everybody else into their idiotic, low cunning plans that ultimaly lead to global conflicts.

Cut The Shit!

You know what? CNN makes me sick to my stomach to the point where I might have an ulcer. This is for all those snobby, uptight talking heads on CNN. While you lot are busy taking shots at Trump real issues are neglected. Where were you when Bush stole the election from Gore? Where were you when George Bush Jr lied and illegally invaded Iraq thus killing millions of people? Oh, I forgot, you were busy selling the war to the public on behalf of the military-industrial complex. You neglect to report on poverty in the black communities and intentionally fail to report on corruption in Washington and corporate white America. So my question, who secretly gave the order to personal go after Trump? There coverage isn’t even professional journalism but trash reporting with a hint of self-righteous arrogance behind it. CNN, as an organization isn’t in the moral position of attacking anyone giving that the media outlet is racist in itself and lacks journalistic integrity. One could maybe understand that this corporate corrupt organization actually cared about the human rights of native Indians, black Americans, Mexicans, Haitians, and the sovereignty of third world countries bullied by the United States government. One could argue that’s the reason CNN has decided to go on this attack but that isn’t the reason is it? People in high level of government are using CNN and the Russian Hacking scandal as a precursor to impeach Trump because they can’t control him. The CNN reporting on this buffoon is part of a much bigger picture at hand as I said before-to impeach him or to bring down his approval ratings so much he is unelectable in 2020. CNN, who hires ex-employees and current employees of the DOA as “political analyst” is further proof that CNN is in bed with the deep state. Or, maybe I’m wrong, maybe CNN isn’t shaking hands and mingling with government officials at parties in Washington. You know what I think? I think that evil news organization doesn’t care if Trump is a result of racism in America which they fail to address. Also, so what if the Russians did interfere in the election. Now, America knows how it feels when other governments meddle in your business. In my opinion, America still hasn’t paid for the murder of Salvador Allende or the murder of thousands of people in Latin America or all the crimes and deaths in (globally) the second half of the 20th century. Tonight when I go to bed I will dream that CNN and the mainstream media will go out of business. Then next, I will dream that Americans wake up out of their sleep and takedown the fascist United States, oligarchy government we currently have in place.