Lack Of Sense

The news feeds around the world from the United States clearly shows that my fellow Americans have lost their minds. Well, from the perspective of an American living overseas that’s how it looks…the United States is violent and unsafe. Nikolas Cruz, the little boy who was involved in the Florida shooting that killed 17 people and wounded much more was undoubtedly mentally ill but you will not find any sympathy from me regarding his mental issues. If you have seen his postings you can clearly see he was a hardcore racist and anti-smite. But, if you have read my posts then you will know that all racists are mentally ill. I notice there is a theme that is repeated every time in the US. Whenever something bad happens. Hey! “Let’s blame somebody else instead of looking at (the society) ourselves. And this relates to any event, “How could this happen.” “Why didn’t the authorities know about this.” As if the government services have some mind-reading powers to that knows all. Guess what? They don’t, they are not all-knowing and all-seeing. With the situation concerning the recent shootings the nation is set on blaming Republicans, the FBI, Trump, and guns as if somehow guns have magical powers that are capable of taking over their host. Here, check this out. Almost the whole population of Switzerland have guns in their household and yet the country is one of the safest in the western world. And throughout Europe, guns are prohibited unless you have a special permit for a firearm. Only people Such as civil servants or hunters are allowed to have firearms and hunters must always keep their guns in their houses. So people are advocating stricter gun laws? I have a solution, how about abolishing guns and let’s start with the police. (1) Civil servants who are on patrol are allowed to have a stun gun and a can of mace. (2) Only the military would be permitted to carry weapons. (3) The US government would stop the export of arms to foreign governments and terrorist organizations. (4) The US government would cease all operations of the drone programs that have killed women and children. (5) Any citizen caught with a firearm would be subjected to a 10,000 dollar fine and ten years in prison. Now, with all that put in place, there should be no more school violence, right? Look at England, no guns but violence still persists, knife crime to be exact. England still has violent crime but not on the same level as the US. Why? I don’t know, I don’t have an answer to the question. Why is the USA the most dangerous country amongst all the developed western industrial nations? I can’t answer that question, but I suspect even if you took all the guns away knife crime would rise in the US quickly. Then what? You will take all the knives away, too. The problem isn’t the guns but the culture of America. The country is violent and we as Americans, well, we are brought up to be violent and especially in poor black neighborhoods. Here, in Europe, I can get into a road rage dispute with someone and won’t have to worry about getting shot. We argue and shout and perhaps maybe fight each other than sue each other but nobody’s gets shot. But not in America, you never know how an altercation with someone might turn out. America should stand in front of a mirror and take hard look at the mindset of violence that is prevalent throughout the nation. Guns, knives, gangs, senseless killings, police brutality, daily murders, home invasions and wars are only an extension of the mindset of an inherently violent racist society.


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