It seems that a runaway cow in the Netherlands has been causing an uproar since December. Hermien the cow escaped the bondage of her butchers on the way to the slaughterhouse. She managed to make it towards the woods in the area of Overijssel without anyone noticing. There were several sightings from locals of Hermien wondering about in the woods that revealed her exact location. The police and animal catchers have attempted to apprehend her but they have failed to do so. Hermien the cow is extremely clever as she hides from sight during the day and only comes out at night for food. Animal rights campaigners have called for the animal to be spared from the slaughterhouse when caught.

After reading this particular story I felt a lot of guilt and a bit of a hypocrite for being angry at the people who kill animals. I asked myself, if I’m disturbed about this one animal then I should be rattle about the thousands of other Hermiens out there. I have tried to stop myself from eating meat and dairy products many times. I know what happens at the slaughterhouse but yet I consume bacon, sausage, pork chops, and steaks. I know how chickens are treated at farms but yet I consume this meat anyway. Truth be told, it’s ok to eat meat, eggs and drink milk from cows who are on steroids when you don’t see what’s happening to them. Even though these animals are treated like shit just so my belly can be full. I ask myself, would I kill an animal? Certainly not, so why would I eat meat from an animal if I’m not willing to kill it myself? Yet, animals have the last laugh from the grave. Prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, heart attacks, and high blood pressure are just a few things that are associated with consuming dead animal meat. We all support the enslavement and murder of these defenseless animals when we purchase these products at the supermarket.


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