What The Hell, H&M?


(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

The other day I turn on the computer to see what’s in the news around the world and what do I find? I see this H&M advert and for a second I ‘m lost for words but then I remember what world I’m living in. I wasn’t surprised at this racist, insensitive, extremely ignorant advert. Because when you only employ white people in the boardroom in a world of multiculturalism these types of things are bound to happen. I’m sure these people who made this advert have black friends who they could consult before making this photo public, right? I wonder, where were this little boy parents when this photo was made? If they weren’t present during the photo shoot then maybe they can use, “we didn’t know” as an excuse. But, if they were present during the making of this photo then they should take the blame for their stupidity, low intelligence, selling their son out for a buck and cooning. I’ve said it before If you as a black person see white people doing racist shit. May it be at your job, school or in the street. Don’t be a coward, stand up and say something! It doesn’t matter if it’s you against 50…say something!


3 thoughts on “What The Hell, H&M?

  1. What was in the picture that was “insensitive?” I’m sure they’ve caved to the left’s demands as I just saw a commercial with a black guy kissing a white guy. PC police should be over joyed.

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    1. Hmm? Interesting. I always wonder how two people can look at the same painting but have two different perspectives on that painting. It’s just like life isn’t it? We humans are an interesting bunch aren’t we? Even though we are in the early stages of modern civilization I think we still have a long way to go to modernize ourselves. We aren’t as smart as we think we are. We have all the tools but our minds are still tribal and caveman in actions. Empathy is still a big problem among us. Once that is achieved than we as the human race can move forward…maybe.


  2. Well, actually, I meant that literally. What was in the picture?? 🙂 I hadn’t seen it. I finally saw it. I suppose it wasn’t the smartest ad ever created in a climate like this one. As a creative writer, I wouldn’t have done it. Though I also think we are way too hung up on all this thought police stuff. People have a right to do and be who they want, but they do NOT have a right to force other people to believe a certain way. Or force them to use pronouns. I am for gay rights, for instance. I’m a libertarian so I support the right of people to do as they please as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else. But they also do not have a right to demand that I believe it is “normal,” just another “life choice.” I don’t know why they make the choices they do, but it doesn’t matter, it’s their right. I also have a right to think something might be off with them either chemically or emotionally possibly–I’m not sure. But I am never going to think it’s just another normal life choice. So I am not crazy about commercials with gay people kissing. though I suppose I can live with it. People should get comfortable with themselves and realize NOBODY can control others and legislating and policing thought and free speech isn’t going to do it. In fact, they better realize that they really might not be for such a thing when THEY are told not to speak. Nobody has a right to everyone else’s approval–if we did, I’d have gotten along much better with my father! Get over it, as the Eagles song says. Cut everyone a little slack.

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