Munroe Bergdorf


(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

Sometimes in life, it takes courage to speak against something you believe in your heart to be wrong. It takes courage…courage. Do you have heart? Do you have the heart to stand up for what is right? For example, a person or persons at your job are harassed by other colleagues or managers. Do you step in and stop it or do you participate in the bullying? Ask yourself, Who are you? Stand in the mirror for a while and ask yourself, are the words “coward” stamped on your forehead? It’s not easy, to stand up against people in power or an entire group. It’s not easy to be the black sheep. It’s not easy to be 1 against 1000. Most people tend to just conform to the norm so not to be bothered. But this process in life is necessary, it divides us between the leaders, generals and the followers…the sheep. Munroe Bergdorf, the first transgender to be hired by that ultra racist company, L’Oréal. And later fired by them because of statements she made on her Facebook page regarding the Charlottesville protests. There’s no need to continue further with this debate. Everything she said was true if you like or not. If you, as a white person was offended by her statements then you should look deep inside your soul and ask yourself, I’m I racist? If someone says all men are dirty pigs well I’m not offended because I know I’m not a dirty pig. She’s right in her statements, there’s no debate about it. If white people want to end racism you should start at home, first. You hear your mom or dad say nigger at the dinner table then you should scold them. You hear your white friends talking about black people then you should tell them to shut the fuck up. You see your job has only employed white people in the office then you should go to human resources and ask why isn’t any people of color working there. The system of global white supremacy is catered to white people. Sorry, you don’t get to be offended by her words. I’ll say this, if you have a white friend or girlfriend and they aren’t helping to fight this system of racism then you should end the relationship with them, quickly. It’s not black people’s responsibility to convince white people white supremacy exists. It’s your job to stop it and if not then the fight will continue along with your discomfort whenever the subject of racism is brought up.


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