The Teacher

Every morning after getting out of bed, the first order of the day for Markus Diggins is coffee. He loves coffee, he can’t function or do anything else without that black. After his morning routine, he prepares for the day and then heads for school. Markus loves his job very much. There isn’t anything in the world more fulfilling than teaching kids. Markus is a black American who has worked and lived for the last five years in Germany. Before this job, he was a professor at Tuskegee University in Alabama.


United Nations School For Social Equality

In 2004 the United States and various countries throughout the European Union acknowledged that they were responsible and profited from the Atlantic Slave Trade. That racism, bigotry, poverty, self-hate and the extreme hate towards blacks persists today because of the direct result of this act. It was agreed upon by many nations that black people are the most oppressed and marginalized of any other group on the planet. And something needs to be done about the global systematic problem that blacks face where ever they go in the world. The (UNSFSE) specialized (K-12) school opened in several countries in Africa, South America, USA, Canada, France, England, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, and Germany. The school is there to educate people of color on their history and help further the advancement of all people of color. The school is meant as a tutelage for future black leaders. So they may go on to start more black businesses and become professors, doctors, surgeons, attorneys, judges, politicians, scientist and police officers. In this modern-day, the revolution must be fought with intellect and not by the bullet.


Class Is In Session

Markus Diggins walks into the classroom and nobody pays him no mind. He stands there, just looking around the classroom in astonishment as he sees his students socializing without a care in the world. Markus was proud of his students, this is their last year and afterward, they will all attend Universities next year here in Germany and France. Every student in his class spoke an average of three languages.

Markus Diggins: Hello Class! (Everybody stops talking and jump in their seats without any hesitation)

Students: Good morning, Dr. Diggins!

Markus Diggins: And good morning to you Und Gute Morgen, Alle. So I out of curiosity what was it that warranted such deep discussion this time of the morning?

Student: Black leadership in the United States and are there any leaders in the hip-hop community that young people can fellow today.

Markus Diggins: Well, I would say, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Lupe Fiasco and my favorite, Immortal Technique. You have to remember most young rappers today aren’t knowledgeable enough to speak on social issues without sounding like fools. If the youth want knowledge and guidance then I would suggest Chuck D, KRS-One, Common, The Roots, Tupac and Erykah Badu just to start. But I believe it’s up to the parents to have the knowledge necessary available to pass down the history of real black leaders to the future generations.

Student: I get it If you don’t know your history about real black leaders than you are bound to follow fools and false prophets in a sense, right?

Markus Diggins: Correct. (He stops and pauses for a second) You know what? Everybody gathering around, please.

(Markus reaches into his carry on bag and takes out his laptop computer)

Markus Diggins: Here take a look at these photos and then I want you all to write essays on two black leaders from these photos. I will accept everyone’s interpretation of each leader.


Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion 1831.



Jack Johnson



Muhammad Ali


Thomas Sankara


Amilcar Cabral


W.E.B DuBois


Patrice Lumumba


Mumia Abu Jamal


Assata Shakur


Markus Diggins: So class, as you can see, the photos I have presented to you are only an example. If there are some leaders of the past and present who you want to write about then show me. Remember, rappers are there to make money off of ignorance. The people at the top of the music companies are all white. They are the ones who approved what type of material that the black youth see. If a rapper wanted to rap about racism and how the whole state of America is racist do you think they would approve it?

Student: The powers that be would not allow it.

Markus Diggins: Exactly! They want the state of the black youth dumbed down. Remember in the past It was a crime for black people to read and write, the same holds true today.






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