Bakari Henderson

On the night of July 7, in the small town of Laganas, Greece. Bakari Henderson was having a good time with friends and meeting new people. He didn’t think this night would be his last on earth. Bakari Henderson was born in 1995 in Austin Texas to parents Philbert Henderson Sr and Jill Henderson. In May of this year, Mr. Henderson graduated from the University of Arizona in Business finance and entrepreneurship. There is no doubt that Mr. Henderson was ambitions, hungry and ready to make his mark in the world. Who could blame him for being excited, he had just finished university and now he was holidaying in Europe, the world was his for the taking. In a world where the white global establishment is happy to see black people cleaning their shoes and offices instead of working with them. Mr. Henderson was a bright star and wasn’t ready to work for somebody else. Ready to start his own business in the fashion industry. He had traveled to Greece for a photo shoot to promote his own clothing line when tragedy hit. To be honest, there have been many conflicting reports on exactly what really happened that night that led up to the alteration between Mr. Henderson and these savage racist animals. From the video that was released from inside of the bar, Mr. Henderson can be seen accompanied by several acquaintances before a white male is seen speaking with him. The white male then proceeds to assault Mr. Henderson thus prompting Mr. Henderson to respond with a right punch to the individuals face. The two can be seen leaving the camera frame. The next video from a nearby business shows Bakari Henderson running from 10 to 15 persons. As he tries to escape the mob, a man can be seen pushing Mr. Henderson onto a car that was parked. As he tries to get up and defend himself he is met with extreme violent kicks and punches to the head. People outside the mob can be seen attempting to stop the fight. On the video, Bakari can be seen laid out on the street unconscious but the savages continue on with their unrelenting assault. When the ambulance arrived it was too late, Bakari died before he could make it to the hospital. Police arrested 9 people who they believe were involved in the mob attack. Seven of the men are Serbs. The other two, one, a British citizen of Serbian origin and the other is a Greek national. Authorities have said that racism wasn’t a motivating factor behind the savage beating. I wonder what qualifies them to make such a bold judgment call? When they (white men) wouldn’t know racism if it was in their face. It’s clearly obvious to any person with half a brain that this situation is base on nationality and color. That night, Bakari Henderson went to Bar Code to meet with some friends. While there, Bakari and his friends met a young Serbian waitress who worked at the bar. They befriended the young host and began taking selfies with her. Later on, In her deposition to the police, she said she was approached and asked by a Serbian. “Why are you taking a photo with that black guy, when there are so many Serbs inhere?” The Serbs there also had a problem with the group being Americans and Bakari being black just made them become overcome with rage.


Suspects Names

It took some digging but I manage to find the names of these racist heartless animals.


Amir Omerdzic (32) Jorgos Skijadopulos (34) Sinisa Petrovic (22) Nemanja Petrovic (18)


Milos Ilic (18) Nenad Jovanovic (22) Stefan Stojanovic (21) Milos Senic (25)


Dusana Rankovica (33)



Normally, I’m the first one to say America should stay out of other countries affairs. “And what right do they have to request extradition of citizens of other sovereign nations?” This case is different, it involves the murder of a fellow American citizen. Since the US government is hell-bent on causing havoc throughout the globe then we (Americans) should have insurance if any harm were to occur. There is a law that states anyone of another country who commits murder (involuntary manslaughter) against US citizens are subject to the laws of the US justice system. Now, they can only be extradited if the country where the crime was committed has signed a treaty with the US. The racist savages who committed this horrific crime should be extradited immediately without any hesitation. The two suspects who were allowed to return back to Serbia should be monitor closely. If the two who left decide not to return to Greece in April when the trial is due to start. A European arrest warrant should be issued promptly. Here is a document that backs up my claims for extradition:18 U.S. Code 2332

US Senators John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, and Congressman Michael McCaul have written a letter to US secretary of state Rex Tillerson expressing concern and he should use all resources available to resolve the matter. The family has already met with US officials in Washington to make sure the Greek government serves justice to these animals.






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