Fuck The FBI


Here above is a leaked document from the website Foreign Policy. The FBI has declared war on black people in America. Would you like to be murdered for being black? Then moved to America. Would you like to have your dignity as a human being taking away solely based on your skin color? Then moved and live in America. What? Have you been pulled over by a bloodthirsty cop? His movements make you uneasy, and the way he’s talking to you ain’t right either. You might have to defend yourself. You say you have a gun under the seat of your car? But be careful, you shoot that cop dead and all of his racist friends will hunt you down and kill you. Do you have a lawyer you can go to in the aftermath of you killing this racist pig? Yes, you do and do you also have family who can help you? You comply with all his demands but you hope this cop doesn’t do anything stupid because Just like him you have been trained in tactical firearms training. Your family, who you can go to? Are all black militiamen aren’t they? He doesn’t know you are fully aware of your rights and your rights to defend yourself if you feel your life is threatened. You are their worst nightmare, you are black and fully aware of your rights. your political organization believes that the whole black community should be armed to the teeth! Education, gun, and a personal lawyer is the golden rule.


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