Dilyana Gaytandzhieva: Exposing The Elite’s Agenda Of Endless Chaos

Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva was fire from her job-The Trud Daily for exposing an international CIA arms-deal that supplies weapons to terrorist around the world. During her investigation, she uncovered weapons cases in Syria with the serial numbers still attached on the cases. With this information, she was able to trace the weapons shipments back to a weapons facilities in Bulgaria.

Next, she received documents from an anonymous source detailing flight paths to and from Europe. The documents revealed the involvement of countries such as Germany, Israel, Turkey, Sweden, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. The company that’s currently responsible for the shipments is Silk Way Airlines. A cargo airline company in the country of Azerbaijani-they are responsible for shipping and delivery of weapons on behalf of the CIA across borders under the disguise of diplomatic immunity. Papers show the involvement of US defense contractors, the Bulgarian government, the Azerbaijani government, the ex CIA Director David Petraeus and the Pentagon who gave the ok for the operations. After Dilyana Gaytandzhieva wrote her story, she was interrogated by the Bulgarian Special security agency. Ask to reveal her original source, she would not.

My Honest Opinion

This information only provides proof what a lot of us already suspected, that the western governments were behind the creation of ISIS.  Have you ever wondered how ISIS received all those fancy military clothes? Have you ever wondered how the Syrian rebels and ISIS manage to give the Syrian army such a hard time? Where are all those resources, weapons and clothes coming from? Now you know, there are very dark forces at work behind the scenes that the public isn’t privy too.

Western politicians are blood thirsty as some serial killers but hide it very well. It’s easy to trick the public with a ( remember Ted Bundy ) monkey suit, articulate language, and a nice kodak smile. How quick the public forget about the atrocities committed by western leaders against the people of poorer nations. For example, Tony Blair, Nicolas Sarkozy, George Walker Bush, Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney and Barack Obama should all be on trial at the international criminal court for mass murder.

But we westerners sit on our baby pampered arrogant asses and tell ourselves our leader’s aren’t really evil even though they commit these horrible acts. You say, “We should be happy we are free and giving all the opportunities that most places don’t have. Guess what? You ain’t free! You have the illusion of being free which is worse. These killers pass just enough laws to make you think you are free. Look here, the western news is and has been controlled and owned by the governments, French 24, CNN, and BBC just to name a few.

That’s why the discovery of this immoral weapons deal isn’t being debated on the news right now. The powers that be want the public occupied with dumb shit to keep the masses asleep. The problem, the majority of the population are too socially in-slaved to fully understand or act and hold these murderers accountable. Right now there should be people protesting out on the streets because of these revelations of arms deals to terrorist but people only care about posting coonery on Facebook or selfies.

If you look into the events regarding WikiLeaks in 2010  when Julian Assange and his team was fighting the system and exposing all those corrupt governments. You will see how all those leaders banded together in an attempt to bring down the WikiLeaks organization. Look what England is doing to Julian Assange having him trapped in Ecuador’s London embassy, It’s illegal! Don’t take my word for it, look into why it’s illegal to have him held up there. What do you think they discuss at the G8 summit each year? The evidence is out there, but people have to wake up, read more, educate yourself, organized, protest and put more pressure on these fake leaders.




Selling Death

This summer I went to the Island of Mallorca for the first time. I’ll admit after years of living in Europe the thought of vacationing in Mallorca wasn’t of great interest. If you live or have lived in Great Britain or Germany then you would know that the island is heavily frequented by the citizens of these two areas. And frankly, I didn’t want to see Germans on my holiday since I have to live and work with them. My wife convinced me to stop being so snobby and give it try. Before we left, I did some research and I was surprised to see that Mallorca was very beautiful. When we arrived there we took a local bus from the airport to the capital of Palma.

We waited there for a while for the next bus to our destination of Colonia de Sant Jordi. On our way there we passed through some towns. What I saw gave me a little cause for worry, my wife reassured me that our spot didn’t look like (she’s been there before) those towns. You know, full of young kids drinking all day fucking up the place. Finally, we reached our small vacation town which was pretty quiet and family oriented and since I’m a father I didn’t want to be around no bullshit! Towards the end of our two-week stay, there was a brawl in another town between German football hooligans in front of other families with children.

The fight was captured on video for all to see and the Spanish news used that incident to highlight the problem with drunken tourist. The debate on every channel in Spain was what should be the best course of action on how to handle the drunken tourist-that ultimately ruins the image of these areas. But this prompted me to start a debate within myself, why do we drink alcohol? We drink wine for special occasions, drink beer, drink cocktails and shots for whatever reason. But why? Clearly, tests have shown that alcohol affects the body in a negative way. And we know this, but we continue to drink anyway increasing the risk of an early death.

Maybe the advertisers are to blame, who are paid millions of dollars/euros a year by big alcohol companies to showcase this poison in a cool, hip positive light. You see ads of super models, rappers, and actors drinking. You look at fashion magazines and you see vodka and martini as this cool drink that only the in-crowd drinks. Presenting the image that if you want to be cool then you should buy these drinks. What the alcohol companies, advertisers, and retailers won’t tell you is this. Alcohol affects behavior and physically changes your brain, it stretches your heart muscles. Drinking too much causes blood clots in the heart resulting in strokes and heart attacks. Alcohol affects your pancreas. Causes mouth, throat, liver, and breast cancer.

Alcohol weakens your immune system. Emotions, personality, and memory are all affected by this drug. Alcoholics always have the feeling of euphoria from an increase of endorphins, just like any other drug would do to somebody. If you have ever seen an alcoholic, they become angry or even violent of that bottle isn’t in their hand. A continued high rate of alcohol abuse will ultimately lead to insomnia, anxiety, coma, and death. Look, nobody saying people can’t drink but the advertisements should equate to the same ads that are telling people to drink.

The government knows how bad alcohol is and the toll it takes on your body. The alcohol companies have a strong lobbying presence in Washington and Brussels. They are the reason why you don’t see more scrutiny on this subject. The producers, distributors, retailers, and marketers are all guilty of selling death.