Donald Trump: A Mirror Image.

In November of last year when Donald Trump won the general election to become the 45th president, I took a lot of ridicule from people here in Germany. People repeatedly ask, what was going on in the USA? Hey, sooo, your fellow country men, are they all stupid? Hey! I heard the election was rigged by the Russians, is it true? And some people just shook their heads at me in shame. What could I say? As a black man, I knew the real answer and trying to explain it to them would be futile unless you lived there to experience it yourself. I think the truth is more-terrifying than any conspiracy theory that the media and the Republican party could conjure up. Back in 2016, the Republicans saw they couldn’t control Donald Trump by any means. He truly was independent of the party even though he was running as a Republican candidate. The people in power was in panic mode, they dug up anything they could find on him with the help of the corrupt media. Daily bombardments of negative ads on how racist/sexist and the lack of government experience. This, in turn, had the opposite effect of what the establishment was aiming to achieve. The attacks showed what people had been saying for years and now there was proof, the candidates were part of the establishment and the main stream media was in bed with the government. The main theme about the Russians hacking the election was a ruse to conceal the fact that. (1) The victory of Donald Trump categorically proves that the United States is a chronically racist country for a modern industrialized nation. And to save themselves from embarrassment, they made up this Russian hacking business. (2) Also, the real men in power didn’t and still don’t want him in the oval office so that’s why the Russian hacking has been pushed so hard even to the extent of sanctions passed against Russia. A long time ago, before Trump became president, my wife and I were having a discussion on racism in America. I said, “America needed Trump to win so they could see how racist and fucked up they really are.” “This man winning office would be a sign that the USA is sick and it needs the mirror held close so they can see their true face.” And today, we see the real image of America, a profound racist country that hasn’t dealt with the issue of race and genocide since its conception in 1776. You slaughtered a whole group of people and took their lands leaving their descendants on the fringes of society. You in-slaved, murdered, tortured, and experimented on generations of black people. It wasn’t until 1965 that black people had rights as full citizens. Even today, blacks are denied equal employment to whites. Even you, as a black man might have more education than another white man applying for the same job. Most likely, the other person conducting the hiring is often times a white male in an already white office. And guess what? They will pick the other white candidate over you. White people hold all power to influence how far you get in their society and if you ever hear another white person say otherwise then you should just leave the conversation immediately.  For example, white people hold all these sectors just to name a few. The financial sector, white! the police force, white! ivy league schools, white! Films, white! Magazines, white! Fashion, white! And I can personally attest to this, all facets of media, whole hardly 100 percent country club white! So, Donald Trump winning the election was a slap in the face and also a hard lesson that the USA still has a long way to go if it really wants to be a multicultural society. During Trump’s campaign, he talks about deportation of illegal immigrants. Building a wall between Mexico and the US with Mexico footing the bill for the construction. Putin a ban on all Muslims entering the US.


White Nationalism

My personal opinion on white supremacy is this: The white majority rule, allow hate groups to function in society because ultimately the problem doesn’t concern them because they are not black. So why worry about something that doesn’t threaten you, deprive you of your decency as a human being. It’s no concern to them because these groups aren’t out to kill or take away their rights. It’s almost as these groups are there as a last result just in case blacks/Jews and immigrants get out of hand and you need somebody to stop them. So why else would you allow these hate groups to exist knowing the history and crimes their ideology represent? If black people were in control of the power structure, I can tell you now without any doubt, these groups wouldn’t be giving the freedom to speak their poison and operate. All members and associates would be imprisoned for life or executed. Family members and friends would be imprisoned or executed. These people are sick, dangerous, perverted and aren’t human at the very least. But yet, every time they are giving the platform to freely open their mouth is an insult to people who have suffered around the world from this sick disease. With all honesty, the KKK, Neo-Nazis, SkinHeads and the Alt-Right should be driving to extinction. To combat this extremely threatening problem, the black community should be forming political militia groups and conducting tactical weapons training along with our brothers and sisters in other Left-wing groups to establish plans on making life hard for these groups. The family and friends of these groups should be threatened and harassed to no end and if need be kidnapping and murder should be used as a tool. This situation is a serious matter and a real discussion should be assembled to combat these groups. The government won’t take a stand on these groups so a decision should be made amongst fellow revolutionaries. The word wrong doesn’t exist when it comes to Neo-Nazis, they should, along with all other hate groups be met with extreme violence in all venues of life wherever it may be. Of course with these actions, you can expect to see sympathetic opposition to such radical plans from normal white people who claim not to be racist but secretly support these groups. I tell you what, I’ll present an example of hypocrisy if the white power structure position was ever challenged. If ISIS made a statement today confessing their solidarity in support against the oppression of black people, acknowledging it is a result of capitalism and they would only target white people. And as a result of this solidarity, decide to form a party in the USA, dedicated to oppressing white people then you would see how long the group would last. Laws would be passed, FBI raids, Local police intervention of every measure would occur. That group would not be permitted to operate because it would threaten the white majority rule that’s in place.


Right-Wing Supporters

Then, you have Trump, who is a closet-racist to his very core. A man who has had the support of David Duke, the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis and a host of other far-right militia groups. When Trump began his Campaign, he brought Steve Bannon into his team. Steve Bannon is a white supremacist who is head of Breitbart News, an organization that caters to right-wing groups and the everyday white racist near you. Now Donald Trump is in power, all the white men who have been harboring hated for so long can finally express their real feelings. They had to stay quiet and endure eight years of that “Muslin nigger president” and his “monkey wife.” So now in their eyes, it’s time to let loose and “make America great again.” Reports of right-wing domestic terrorist acts went up ever since Trump came into power. One example, the murder of Richard Collins III, a student from Bowie State University in Maryland who was stabbed to death by a member of the Alt-Reich-Nation. Right-wing groups have been collecting data on Muslim schools. Written racial slurs on school walls and bathrooms throughout America. Written slurs on the walls of Universities along with attacks on black students are all the rage now. No longer do you have to read the history books about the old days. Hell, with Trump, the old days are coming back again with Hitler’s son in power! Now, all the racist feel embolden that they can do whatever they want and why shouldn’t they. You live in a country where white people are taught subconsciously from an early age that they are superior to all others. Even the white people who claim not to be racist are still racist to a certain point on how they see and interact with different (stereotyping) groups of people. Liberal white Americans claim not be racist but where are they when a cop murders a black man for nothing? I don’t see an equal amount of whites protesting alongside the black community when these things happen. Do you speak up when you notice around you fancy media offices there aren’t too many black people or are you just indifferent to it all? These groups are allowed to thrive in an environment that is already racist to the quantum level. When you can erase racism from all institutions of society then you can eradicate the sick all to together.



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