Who’s Fighting For Colin Kaepernick

I just wanna say I was so proud of my black folk in America for boycotting the racist, slave-owning NFL. It was a wonder to see thousands of people throughout the fifty states-  protesting the injustice done to Colin Kaepernick. It really brought tears to my eyes to see so much pressure put on the owners of the NFL. With so much solidarity, we delivered a message that we will not be silenced when it involves censorship of workers of any profession. Just because you pay me a check each week/month or give me a million dollars doesn’t mean you own me.

I have a right to voice my concern over any issue I think is unjust, I have a right to voice my concern about my job and not fear reprisals from management. And you must remember, Colin Kaepernick situation speaks volumes to people in high society to the lowest of society. In this evil greedy system which is capitalism, unless you as the worker own the means of production and distribution then you are only a slave to the masters of the system. But, the last few weeks we have shown them we won’t take it anymore. And after all the protesting and sit-ins Colin Kaepernick finally received an offer from an NFL team and was signed yesterday. And why not fight for him, right? He fought for you, he stood up for police brutality and state oppression against black people. He did this to put a spot light on an extremely bad situation that should be discussed and resolved.

Every black person talked about how he did a good thing and how he is a hero. Every black person talked about the sellouts who spoke out against him and how they are uncle toms and coons for doing so. Again, it was truly wonderful to see how we all came together as one and proved the sellouts and slave-masters wrong. All the sellouts said Colin Kaepernick should be quiet and shouldn’t speak for the black community because it won’t get him nowhere. I mean, why stand up for a group a people if they can’t stand up for themselves, right? Look, you making millions of dollars, you can go to Europe, Asia or anywhere in the world.

You can have cars and houses anywhere in the world, why jeopardized all that for people who are too mentally enslaved and scared of the white man to help themselves. So again, don’t piss off Roger Goodell and the 32 masters. Just sit down and shut up, boy! Wear that monkey suit when you are on ESPN and other sports shows, don’t forget to date a white girl who doesn’t give a shit about you or black people because she wasn’t there before the money and fame. But again, we proved all those bastards wrong, Colin Kaepernick didn’t become a sell-out. justice was served to all of them. We, the people showed them who was the boss.



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