Colin Kaepernick


(Photo has been removed due to copyright laws)

I won’t address the exact details of the current situation that this man finds himself. We all know what transpired during a preseason game unless you have been under a rock for the last couple of months. To me, the problems that Colin Kaepernick is facing says a lot about the NFL and its black players. This man stands up against racism, state-sponsor terrorism, and oppression. But somehow, he’s the most corrupt evil man in the world, right? So, he’s wrong for protesting an issue at the wrong time? Tell me then, when is the right time? Should he protest such matters when everyone is asleep? This past March, Colin Kaepernick quit his contract with the 49s thus becoming a free agent. Well, you would think he would have a job with a new team, especially after leading San Francisco to the Super Bowl, right? Wrong, he has been a free agent since March.

The rumor that has been circulating is that he has been blackballed. No team will have him because of the events of last year. And of course, the owners of NFL teams aren’t coming out and saying this is the case. The message being delivered is this: You want endorsements? Shut the fuck up. You want to have a successful career in sports? Shut the fuck up. You want millions of dollars in your bank account? Shut the fuck up. And another thing, athletes have never had the best reputation as the smartest in the room. Let’s be honest here, we really don’t want to here sportsmen addressing social issues because ordinarily, they sound like idiots. When athletes speak, they sound like mumble rappers so I prefer not to hear them speak on important issues. But, Colin Kaepernick compelled me to listen, he spoke with passion on issues that should be aired. And you black athletes are sell-outs for the white establishment.

Your slave master say, you should go and condemn that trouble maker. So you go on TV and say Colin Kaepernick is wrong for addressing racism. Some of you black athletes are the most ultra house niggas that I have ever seen. You all are some little uncle ruckus, next time a real man with balls stands up and speak for people who don’t have a voice, You should sit-down and be quiet.

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