Free Speech For The Right

The National Democratic Party-NPD, PEGIDA-Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West and AFD-Alternative For Deutschland. What do all these parties have in common besides stupid sounding names? Have you guessed it yet? That’s right, they’re all racist right-wing parties in Germany that enjoy the freedom of free speech. Let me be direct and honest so you won’t confused or misinterpret my words. I have lived in Germany for over ten years and it is a wonderful country with a great system in place that protects everyone and to be frank the US could learn a few things from Germany but I will avoid the details of such matters for another article.

In May of 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered to the allies after six years of fighting that cost the lives of over 70 million people and the mass-murder of six million Jews. Let’s not be conflicted on the subject, there isn’t a debate to be had, this war was started and fought because of the ideas of bigotry and white supremacy. Who supported these ideas: Hirohito, The Emperor of  Japan from 1926 till 1989 who in my opinion never paid for his crimes along with the entire nation of Japan.

The Japanese were deemed to be a superior race by Hitler thus giving them the gall to look down and murder the Chinese in great numbers. Benito Mussolini, the Prime minister of Italy and founder of Fascism. Francisco Franco, military dictator of Spain from 1936 till 1975. This piece of shit was responsible for the disappearance and murder of thousands of people and yet was allowed to die of old age without retribution. Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi-Germany from 1934 till 1945. This devil tried to wipe out all the Jews of Europe and was aiming for global domination. His crimes against humanity are on a truly unspeakable level that can’t be registered by any sane human being.

When I first visited Germany as a black person from America, I didn’t understand the full depth of these crimes until I visited the memorials and museums dedicated to the victims of Nazi oppression. In America, we have films but until you see photos of families being shipped off to camps and clothes, items and shoes of victims then you see the reality of what hate produces. Also, of all the books I have read, the diary of Ann Frank had an impact on me like no other. Only small-minded individuals of low intelligence would dismiss that book as insignificant. Another thing, I understand that the federal republic of Germany wants to be a free social democratic society but sometimes you have to censor certain elements of society that are just too dangerous in nature.

I have a question, would you give a child molester a voice to air out his crimes and encourages others to follow suit? Would you give a rapist a platform to encourage his fondness for rape? Would you give a serial killer voice to talk about murdering people for fun? So I have never understood the idea of giving voice to people who represent an ideology that has caused so much pain and death. Yes, officials prefer to have them in plain sight so they can watch them instead of having them underground. In Germany, one can be arrested for giving the heil Hitler salute gesture. But that’s nearly enough, the very presence of these groups and parties in Germany is a slap in the face of the American soldiers and all the victims who died during WWII.



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