Woman Arrested In Saudi Arabia For Wearing Mini Skirt.

A woman was arrested in Saudi Arabia in the town of Ushaqir. In the video posted on Snapchat, the woman, known as Khulood, can be seen walking in a mini skirt, black top and sneakers. After the video went viral there were calls for her arrest. In Saudi Arabia, a woman can never go out alone unless accompanied by a male guardian. Women are also not allowed to wear anything that might go against the teachings of Islam. For example, women can only wear what is known as abayas, so the hair and face should be covered at all times with a black veil.

I will admit, so anybody who reads my post won’t be confused. I definitely have a problem with Saudi Arabia and the current ruling royal family, the House of Saud. I think the country is barbaric, extremely misogynistic, and racist beyond belief. This is a country that still has beheadings, it isn’t uncommon to see public beheadings. For acts of adultery, anyone can can be sentence to death by stoning, stoning! And as far as racism is concern, if hitler was alive today he would applaud them for taking a page out of his book about racial purity. There are over three million black people who live in Saudi Arabia and none of them are allowed to hold any government positions.

Black people are not allowed to be seen as talking heads on TV stations. Also, god forbid they find out you have a little black in you after marriage, they can use that as justification to take everything from you including your children because one needs not have that blood of the slave, right? And lets not mention that the monarchy’s still sees black people as slaves. And don’t forget about Saudi King Salman, who murdered his own son Abdullah. Abdullah, who was born to a slave girl back in the 1950s when slavery was still legal, the king had sexual relations with a slave because that’s all black women are to them sex slaves, right? So, the king was horrified and ashamed that his family name could be tainted by slave blood so he had his own son killed. Those people are truly beyond evil and countries who have dealings with Saudi Arabia such as Canada, USA, France and Germany should shut the hell up about rights at home but yet they support oppression abroad.


2 thoughts on “Woman Arrested In Saudi Arabia For Wearing Mini Skirt.

  1. Wow… I didn’t know that about the black people in Saudi Arabia… That’s truly horrific…
    I recently read this book written by Carmen Bin Laden called “Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia” (I totally recommend this book). She’s half Swiss, half Persian and got married to one of Osama Bin Laden’s brothers. She moved to Saudi Arabia and wrote this book about her life there. It’s horrible… and the worst thing is that she was in fact one of the “lucky” few because her then husband treated her a lot better than the average Saudi men treat their wifes.
    Her life there seemed so awful, I don’t know if I want to imagine how it must be for people, especially women, who are not respected by their husband. Or even worse, being an actual slave…


    1. Thanks for the recommendation, I will check the book out. Saudi Arabia system needs to be fixed. You can’t treat people like, we all deserved respect but they see things in a different way which is a shame. What types of books do you read?


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