Modern Day Uncle Tom

Ok, you say that you are a real nigga, but you sell drugs to your own people. You say that you are a real nigga but you cut down your own over minor disputes. You say that you are a real nigga, but you can’t take an ass whooping without grabbing your gun. You have gangs in the community, but what benefits do they bring? Nothing, nothing at all, except the downfall of the black family and the community. Also, gangs, do they help single moms with cash for the kids when the father is absent? Do they develop programs to help kids from poor backgrounds go to college? Do they organize food drives for the elderly and the homeless? Do they patrol the streets to make sure people houses are safe from thieves? Do they build community youth centers for the kids so they will have somewhere to go after school when the parents are at work? Do they support black owned business? Do they help people to register to vote when it’s that time? Gangs have done more harm to black people than any white supremacist could have ever done in the last forty-five years.

We as black people have fought for our rights since the United States was formed. In 1865, black people are freed from the bondage of slavery only to suffer one hundred more years until the voting rights act is passed in 1965. And since then, you could really say we have only been freed a little over fifty years, that’s not a long time when you think about it. And also, we have enough to worry about as being black and still having the cards stack against us but to worry about other black people who are under hypnotized mind control and don’t even see it. These motherfuckers are the worse, and I like to call them, little black kamikazes. Why? Because they don’t care about their own well-being, it’s a form of black hatred implanted by racists.

These sellouts will kill you and then themselves for the white racist establishment but they are too blind to see it. As a black community, we need to handle the gangs/kamikazes by our own justice because the system doesn’t give a fuck what happens in the black community. Also, you must understand, these white racist love seeing black youth killing each other, being killed by the police on a daily basis, incarcerated for years with no hope of a decent future. They don’t want you going to school with their children, colleges, universities, having well-paying jobs and they don’t want you living next to them either. And on another note, you have our brothers in rap, you should ask yourself a question, why is it that any rapper who raps about social issues can’t get a record deal with a major label but If that person raps about buffoonery then he gets the million dollar deal.


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