Free Speech For The Right

The National Democratic Party-NPD, PEGIDA-Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West and AFD-Alternative For Deutschland. What do all these parties have in common besides stupid sounding names? Have you guessed it yet? That’s right, they’re all racist right-wing parties in Germany that enjoy the freedom of free speech. Let me be direct and honest so you won’t confused or misinterpret my words. I have lived in Germany for over ten years and it is a wonderful country with a great system in place that protects everyone and to be frank the US could learn a few things from Germany but I will avoid the details of such matters for another article.

In May of 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered to the allies after six years of fighting that cost the lives of over 70 million people and the mass-murder of six million Jews. Let’s not be conflicted on the subject, there isn’t a debate to be had, this war was started and fought because of the ideas of bigotry and white supremacy. Who supported these ideas: Hirohito, The Emperor of  Japan from 1926 till 1989 who in my opinion never paid for his crimes along with the entire nation of Japan.

The Japanese were deemed to be a superior race by Hitler thus giving them the gall to look down and murder the Chinese in great numbers. Benito Mussolini, the Prime minister of Italy and founder of Fascism. Francisco Franco, military dictator of Spain from 1936 till 1975. This piece of shit was responsible for the disappearance and murder of thousands of people and yet was allowed to die of old age without retribution. Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi-Germany from 1934 till 1945. This devil tried to wipe out all the Jews of Europe and was aiming for global domination. His crimes against humanity are on a truly unspeakable level that can’t be registered by any sane human being.

When I first visited Germany as a black person from America, I didn’t understand the full depth of these crimes until I visited the memorials and museums dedicated to the victims of Nazi oppression. In America, we have films but until you see photos of families being shipped off to camps and clothes, items and shoes of victims then you see the reality of what hate produces. Also, of all the books I have read, the diary of Ann Frank had an impact on me like no other. Only small-minded individuals of low intelligence would dismiss that book as insignificant. Another thing, I understand that the federal republic of Germany wants to be a free social democratic society but sometimes you have to censor certain elements of society that are just too dangerous in nature.

I have a question, would you give a child molester a voice to air out his crimes and encourages others to follow suit? Would you give a rapist a platform to encourage his fondness for rape? Would you give a serial killer voice to talk about murdering people for fun? So I have never understood the idea of giving voice to people who represent an ideology that has caused so much pain and death. Yes, officials prefer to have them in plain sight so they can watch them instead of having them underground. In Germany, one can be arrested for giving the heil Hitler salute gesture. But that’s nearly enough, the very presence of these groups and parties in Germany is a slap in the face of the American soldiers and all the victims who died during WWII.



Woman Arrested In Saudi Arabia For Wearing Mini Skirt.

A woman was arrested in Saudi Arabia in the town of Ushaqir. In the video posted on Snapchat, the woman, known as Khulood, can be seen walking in a mini skirt, black top and sneakers. After the video went viral there were calls for her arrest. In Saudi Arabia, a woman can never go out alone unless accompanied by a male guardian. Women are also not allowed to wear anything that might go against the teachings of Islam. For example, women can only wear what is known as abayas, so the hair and face should be covered at all times with a black veil.

I will admit, so anybody who reads my post won’t be confused. I definitely have a problem with Saudi Arabia and the current ruling royal family, the House of Saud. I think the country is barbaric, extremely misogynistic, and racist beyond belief. This is a country that still has beheadings, it isn’t uncommon to see public beheadings. For acts of adultery, anyone can can be sentence to death by stoning, stoning! And as far as racism is concern, if hitler was alive today he would applaud them for taking a page out of his book about racial purity. There are over three million black people who live in Saudi Arabia and none of them are allowed to hold any government positions.

Black people are not allowed to be seen as talking heads on TV stations. Also, god forbid they find out you have a little black in you after marriage, they can use that as justification to take everything from you including your children because one needs not have that blood of the slave, right? And lets not mention that the monarchy’s still sees black people as slaves. And don’t forget about Saudi King Salman, who murdered his own son Abdullah. Abdullah, who was born to a slave girl back in the 1950s when slavery was still legal, the king had sexual relations with a slave because that’s all black women are to them sex slaves, right? So, the king was horrified and ashamed that his family name could be tainted by slave blood so he had his own son killed. Those people are truly beyond evil and countries who have dealings with Saudi Arabia such as Canada, USA, France and Germany should shut the hell up about rights at home but yet they support oppression abroad.

Just An Observation

“So how was Italy when you lived there?” “Is it really that racist living there as a black man? This was the question I ask my work colleague who was from Nigeria. He had lived in Naples for ten years before relocating to Germany. He stared at me for a moment contemplating the answer to my question. His response, “I don’t see racism, brother.” It was curiosity and innocence that prompted me to ask that question. Because even though I’ve been to Italy a number of times I can honestly say I have never faced racism from Italians as a black American. In fact, every time I go there I’m shown tremendous love from everybody I meet.

But it makes me wonder, when I visited Italy, I was with my wife who happens to be white and I was a tourist. How would I be treated in the day-to-day struggles of life there? But, I have to say, my eleven years in Europe as a black American has been mostly positive compared to the United States. But when I talk to my friends from Africa and they explain to me their experiences here, I wondered how that I was so blind to the covert racism that’s prevalent here. In the past, I’ve had people take a liking to me because I was from America but their interest wasn’t based on my personality, It was the idea of what I represented, Which was in their eyes, authentic urban black culture.

A real live import from the states, not in the movies, not in the music videos, but here …LIVE. And after a while, after their interest in me subsided, they would slowly withdraw from me. They expected me to know every hip-hop artist and when I didn’t they would say things such as, “are you really black? Really? Ok, yes, I’m actually from the hood, yes, I grew up around gangs and guns. Yes, I talk with a slight southern/northeast slang, and no, for the hundred time, I’m not a gangster, is that base on my swag or what? With all that said, I’m still an individual and not a fucking stereotype. Guess what! I listen to classical music, heavy metal, rock and sometimes techno! That’s right! I’ve even been to college and a private school, so sorry to foil your racist image on what you think black Americans should only be about. Africans on the hand, I’ve notice have been treated with disdain and disgust.

In Germany alone; harassment from the police, harassment from strangers on the street, racism in the work place. You can’t say that those African’s are this; but in the same breath, you say, but you are different. There’s no difference between me and them, what is it that makes me better? I’m black just the same as they are, maybe we do come from different cultures. But, we both share the same black experience which is a global fear and loathing of the black man.

The Rights Of North Korea

On Tuesday, July 4, 2017, North Korea successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. And from the reaction, It is no doubt, the international community lost complete sense over this event that transpire over the Korean peninsula, but why all the commotion over a sovereign nation utilizing their natural right to defend their country? Let my opinion be known, I think there is no debate that the North Korea leader Kim Jong-un is a psychopath who oppresses and isolates his people using extreme propaganda and manipulation. And usually, I’m a firm advocate that the United States and their allies should mind their business and stay out of other countries affairs unless it involves freeing people from abuse of that particular state which we all know the US never does unless it benefits them in some way.

But, this leader, a man who killed his own brother, I do firmly believe this man and his people in power should be removed and tried for crimes against his own people. On that note, there’s one thing that’s been bother me lately. The main stream news, they have been further instigating an already tense situation with there state-run campaign against  North Korea. Please elaborate you, say? Well, for me, the word threat is a problem, The news continuously use this word to indicate that Kim Jong-un is a threat to the USA. But, in what way are the North Koreans a threat? They have every right just as any other nation does too develop nuclear missiles. Anyway, back to the word, this word is use as a physiological weapon to incite fear in the populus because they don’t know what’s happening, they receive all their info from the news who takes full advantage of the their ignorance.

For example, the news did the same thing to Saddam Hussein in the lead up to the Iraq war in 2003 which resulted in the deaths of over a million people. In all honesty, their should be new laws in place to prosecute major news organisation, and not only the editors who write this trash at these corporations but the talking heads who present this filth to the public. As the saying goes, “the devil is a liar. These news organisation are pure evil to the core, don’t believe a word that comes out of any of their mouths.

These people are not guided by love and the rights of oppressed people around the world. They only care about ratings and the sponsors who pay their greedy little pockets. If you go into any news room anywhere in the western world you will find a room full of white privilege bastards that are not empathetic to the suffering of people of color and who probably don’t even have a black friend. Who all grew up in nice homes surrounded by other white privilege bastards in nice homes. What problems do they know of except for what they have experience through others.

With that said, at the end of the day, North Korea is only a threat if the United States decides to treat them as they did Libya, Iraq, and Syria. I would say to government officials, leave the Koreans alone and stop looking for trouble where there is none. You put the entire world security at risk because you are bored, drunk with power and out of touch with reality, but be warned you are not untouchable and you should let the horrors of the past guild your decision. Remember, you put yourselves at risk too if you are the sole cause of the destruction of civilization. Take heed, the Nazis after the war spent their whole lives running and hiding because of the crimes they committed. That might be ex-US government officials running for their lives and hiding if one day your actions cause the end of our planet.


Modern Day Uncle Tom

Ok, you say that you are a real nigga, but you sell drugs to your own people. You say that you are a real nigga but you cut down your own over minor disputes. You say that you are a real nigga, but you can’t take an ass whooping without grabbing your gun. You have gangs in the community, but what benefits do they bring? Nothing, nothing at all, except the downfall of the black family and the community. Also, gangs, do they help single moms with cash for the kids when the father is absent? Do they develop programs to help kids from poor backgrounds go to college? Do they organize food drives for the elderly and the homeless? Do they patrol the streets to make sure people houses are safe from thieves? Do they build community youth centers for the kids so they will have somewhere to go after school when the parents are at work? Do they support black owned business? Do they help people to register to vote when it’s that time? Gangs have done more harm to black people than any white supremacist could have ever done in the last forty-five years.

We as black people have fought for our rights since the United States was formed. In 1865, black people are freed from the bondage of slavery only to suffer one hundred more years until the voting rights act is passed in 1965. And since then, you could really say we have only been freed a little over fifty years, that’s not a long time when you think about it. And also, we have enough to worry about as being black and still having the cards stack against us but to worry about other black people who are under hypnotized mind control and don’t even see it. These motherfuckers are the worse, and I like to call them, little black kamikazes. Why? Because they don’t care about their own well-being, it’s a form of black hatred implanted by racists.

These sellouts will kill you and then themselves for the white racist establishment but they are too blind to see it. As a black community, we need to handle the gangs/kamikazes by our own justice because the system doesn’t give a fuck what happens in the black community. Also, you must understand, these white racist love seeing black youth killing each other, being killed by the police on a daily basis, incarcerated for years with no hope of a decent future. They don’t want you going to school with their children, colleges, universities, having well-paying jobs and they don’t want you living next to them either. And on another note, you have our brothers in rap, you should ask yourself a question, why is it that any rapper who raps about social issues can’t get a record deal with a major label but If that person raps about buffoonery then he gets the million dollar deal.

A Life Of Servitude

Domestic workers of Saudi Arabia, they come from the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Africa. In the hopes of landing a job with a rich Saudi family, People pay lots of money to recruitment agencies and in return, the agencies handle all the paperwork, such as passport and visas and in some circumstances forging documents to make people appear older. In Saudi Arabia, the legal age for work begins at 16, there have been cases where some workers were under the legal working age when they arrived in Saudi Arabia. In addition, any unskilled worker who wants to come and work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has to have a sponsor first. Workers can not enter or leave the country without the sponsor’s permission.

Reports of abuse

Saudi Arabia has a long tenacious past when it comes to dealing with unskilled workers. Just recently as 1962 Slavery was abolished, and since the Saudis didn’t have slaves anymore they still needed help with minor things of the day such as washing their own clothes, caring for their children, cleaning their roads, constructing buildings, and just the general upkeep of the state. Since they were too holy to do the minor jobs themselves, they needed more slaves, to solve this critical problem, the Saudis came up with the guest worker program. With this program, they could continue slavery because why stop a good thing, right? Apparently in Saudi Arabia, treating people from lower social economic backgrounds like animals is a national pastime.

There have been cases of rape, migrants being physically assaulted, women sexually assaulted, migrants locked in their place of work unable to leave. Cases of sponsors keeping the passports of migrants and the passports of their families, unwilling to give back the passports thus making them a hostage of the sponsor and Saudi Arabia. Reports of workers slaving over eleven hours a day without overtime pay, some even working without breaks. Saudi Arabia does not have any laws that protect migrants from maltreatment so when abuse of any nature occurs migrants are reluctant to report to the authorities. And why would they?

In a country where your host can murder you and get away with it for the mere fact that they are Saudis and you are nothing but a guest/slave to them. In the rare case that you must defend yourself against aggression and you kill your aggressor in self-defense, that is no concern to them as you may find a sword coming down on your neck regardless of the fact. Migrants have been falsely accused of crimes that they didn’t commit and made to sign a confession without a lawyer or translator present as everything is in the Arabic language.

Sometimes after a death of a worker, may it be by execution or murder, the home country of that migrant isn’t notified until after death. Also, the sponsors still own you even in death, some employers in Saudi Arabia have flat-out refused to send the body of a migrant back home. Even as I write this, there are many domestic workers from poorer countries on death row now for frivolous charges in the land of Mecca.