Japan’s Dolphin Hunt

When one thinks of dolphins, thoughts of families visiting the aquarium comes to mind, or dolphins and people swimming together in the vast ocean without a care in the world.

But, in a small village off the south coast of Japan, a annual wildlife hunt is held. But it’s not what you think, it’s not a hunt for ducks, birds or deer. No, this is a different hunt, a hunt for dolphins and whales. Every year the annual Taiji dolphin drive hunt is held between September and March. Fisher men from all over japan participate in the the event that brings income for the small fishing town

of Taiji Wakayama. The annual event kills approximately 20,000 dolphins a year along with other sea life in addition. And despite criticism from organizations such as the International Whaling Commission and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and protesters. The hunt continues yearly, one of the issues that opponents have against whaling is the extream inhumane method in which the animals are killed. When whalers see a herd of dolphins, a metal pipe is lowered into the ocean. Now, the metal

pipe is used to create a vibrating sound that is meant as confusion for the animals. And when panic has set in for the animals, and in their disoriented state, the whalers can now move the animals into the bay, afterward when all the animals are in, they close it off by using a large net so the animals are unable to escape. Usually, the whalers will wait until the next day before proceeding to murder the animals. The method can only be described as barbaric in nature and cruel at heart. One method is to 

use a metal pin and push it into the dolphin neck resulting in instant death. The second method, using a metal rod and driving it into the spine. With this said, Japan continues this annual slaughter under the excuse of “it’s Japan’s culture” and by right. But in reality, it’s really a hunt for whale meat and profit and not scientific purposes as Japan likes to repeatedly say. In reality, Japan has no right to kill 

any whale or dolphin for any circumstance. These animals of the sea were here long before the social construct of nations and they will be here after all nations have died out if they are not driving to extinction first. Maybe, there should be a different approach to the matter, so far international organizations have tried to stop this state sponsor murder but it hasn’t gotten them nowhere in regards to this situation. The next solution will have to be other actions taking by other nation to apply pressure on Japan such as sanctions. The tourism industry should be affected to a high degree.

Anybody visiting Japan should be labeled as supporting mass murder of dolphins and whales. To stop the killings, Japan’s economy will have to be affected to a great degree. In particular, a mass advertising campaign should be active on social media platforms to spread the message to those, not in the know. Photos of the mangled animals should be posted everywhere so people can see the horrors of the yearly hunt. Hopefully, in the near future, and one can only hope, this barbaric tradition will be thrown in the trash bin of history.


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