A letter To The Main Stream Media

Dear MSM,

as of now, all credibility and trust have been dissolved, so as of today, I inform you that your services are no longer needed or wanted. The reason for your termination is the fact that you have neglected your responsibilities as an organization to properly inform the public and to hold those in power accountable for their misdeeds. In fact, you have sold your journalistic integrity by laying in bed with the politicians, big corporations, and the bankers. You are accused of inciting wars, mass murder, race baiting, distorting the truth and defamation of character of individuals and groups. It must be said, in my absolute belief that you are a mouth piece for the state. When the government wants the public to accept any new proposed legislation that isn’t in the best interest of the public. What do you do? You write and broadcast it on radio and TV everyday until it’s the norm. Furthermore, you have been replaced by alternative news, your time will come to an end very soon. Meaning, in the next fifteen to twenty years your shit and all that you are spewing will cease. In closing, your arrogance and extreme vanity will be your downfall, not alternative news. Your self-importance won’t allow you to see the inevitable end which is good for all of us…..you have served your purpose.






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