Omicron: A Virus Of Concern

Berlin, (The Social Insider)-Omicron, the newest variant of Covid-19 has been labeled, ”a variant of concern,” by the World Health Organisation. The virus was first brought to the worlds attention after South Africa reported it to the WHO on the 24th of November.

Overnight governments of the world began putting travel bans on South Africa and other African countries where traces of the virus was found. For instance, here in Germany, has so far reported three cases of the Omicron virus. In reponse to the new Covid-19 strain, Germany added several African countries to a travel ban. The list includes: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Eswatini, and Lesotho.

The timing of the new virus is a stroke of bad luck for Germany as hospitals here are reaching their limit with Covid patients in ICUs. Currently, Germany has one of the highest infection rates in the EU and many refuse to receive the jab as only 68.5% of the population have received the vaccine. The Netherlands reported that 13 people tested positive for for the new strain who had flown in from South Africa.

Israel has reportedly shut their border for thirteen days. Australia has also delayed the opening of their borders which was scheduled for Dec 1. For many, the emergence of this particular virus isn’t surprising giving people’s carefree attitude towards the pandemic. For the scientist and health care workers on the front line fighting the battle for our future, they know this new strain is just the beginning, far worse are to come.

If say, in the future we lose this fight against Covid-19. Then remember, the culture of me first, the greed of capitalism, politicians incompetence in decision making, and dummies protesting just to be protesting brought down our society. The problem with all of this is that a lot of people are too short sighted to see the long game.

Covid-19 is a long term investor, meaning, you won’t see the consequences right away. But, soon enough you will notice but by then it will be too late.

Young Dolph


BERLIN, (The Social Insider)-Wednesday night I went on TMZ to have a look at some celebrity stories and I see the headline that Young Dolph has been shot and killed at the top of the page. I immediately click off the page, at this moment my brain refuse to process this information properly.

I won’t talk about the issues he had with other people or peoples that could have led to his death. But, what I will say is that I have been a die hard fan of him and his music since 2013. I’m saddened over his passing, I couldn’t believe it when I read what happened to him. Since Wednesday I have been listening to his old mix tapes and stuck in a dream state. As fans we rooted for him to win and overcome the odds. Odds, set in place years ago to trap black people in an endless loop of poverty and death planned by an evil, vile, American white supremest power structure bent on crushing black people mentally and financially.

But, unfortunately uncle toms are planted in the black community everywhere as agents of chaos and are ready to kill other black people on behalf of their white slave masters. Young Dolph was an inspiration that anyone can start their own successful business regardless of the odds. That brother was truly one of a kind and he will be missed. So please, bump his music in your cars, houses, or apartments real loud in honor of him.


Adolph Robert Thornton Jr

England players targeted with racist abuse in Hungary

During the World Cup qualifying round for group one. Players from the England team, Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham were subjected to racist abuse.

Hungarian fans began chanting monkey noises and throwing flares and cups on the pitch. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote on his Twitter page that FIFA needed to take action against those committing racist abuse.

He also wrote, “It is completely unacceptable that England players were racially abused in Hungary last night.” There are now calls to ban Hungary from future tournaments.

Hungary Epidemic Of Racism

As you know I hate white racist to my very core as a human being. When it comes to racist and racism I don’t believe in turning the other cheek. I hate when white people say, “they handle being called a nigger with grace and dignity.” Please explain to me what is graceful about letting another human being degrade you as you were shit on their heel?

You know what? I don’t believe in grace and dignity when it comes to confrontations with racist. I believe in violence! Complete, whole-hell-raising violence against racist! I believe in fist fights, using bats, using brass knuckles, broken glass bottles or if need be, knives against those racist scum. That’s why I love my white brothers and sisters of ANTIFA.

My mindset and theirs are in sync when it comes to dealing with any racist regardless of what country they are in. Let me be clear as possible when I say I’m not a violent person but I absolutely hate racist. Sorry, but if I were playing in that game I would have refuse to play any further and matter of fact I think I would have started a riot in those stands. Fuck you and your mama if you think I’m gonna let you call me a monkey. Fuck up that whole game!

But it’s Hungary, what do you expect? Decent football fans? Look who’s running the country, Viktor Orbán and his Nazi regime have successfully taking over the country of Hungary with little opposition. Even as we speak the student of Hitler and Franco passed laws that are discriminatory towards my LGBT brothers and sisters in Hungary.

look, I’m not saying that everyone in Hungary is a bigot, that would be absurd. But, there are a lot of them and maybe even more racist than none-racist. Anyway, this is for those racist Hungarian fans who were chanting monkey noises and making monkey gestures:

I hope you all have a heart attack in two days. I hope when you are walking down some stairs you accidentally miss a step and fall and break your neck. I hope when you are eating breakfast you choke to death on your food. And I hope you run out of sperm so you can’t produce any more racist in-bred little bastards.

Hungary is a state behind the times and being run by a in-bred racist. I wish the people in Brussels would just kick them out of the European Union and cut them off economically. With that being said, the people of Hungary would have no choice but to forcefully remove Viktor Mihály Orbán from office and hang him.


Denmark has become the first European country to expel Syrian asylum seekers. Adding, that the country of Syria is safe for return according to Danish officials. Even though, the Danish embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus remains closed having been deemed unsafe to open.

More than 100 refugees under asylum have seen their resident permits revoked and many more applications for asylum status denied. The revoking of asylum status includes teenagers who arrived in the country as small children and who are now integrated into Danish society. At the moment, 33,000 Syrian refugees are living and working in Denmark.

Under Danish law, those who refuse to leave the country will be placed in a detention center. On June 7, Denmark voted to move detention centers outside of Europe. The Danish government plan would be that any person applying for asylum would be sent to a detention center outside of Europe to wait out their application process. The move is meant to deter any future potential asylum seekers.

As the left-wing Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen has stated she plans to make Denmark a, “zero asylum seekers” state.

The Biden-Putin Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin and American President Jo Biden held talks today in Geneva, Switzerland. The agenda for Jo Biden were issues concerning human rights violations in Russia.

The jailing of CIA backed opposition leader Alexei Navalny were discussed between the two men. And the international press were all there to instigate the USA vs Russia narrative and to criticize Russia’s human rights record. Jo Biden with his dark aviator sunglasses had the cool look of an American in Europe. At the podium, he answered and dodge questions from the press with ease.

At the Q&A there were a lot of anti-Russia questions from the war-hungry press. I also notice not one question was asked about the United States human rights record. Not one question was asked about America’s chronic racism problem aimed specifically at the black population. Not one question was asked about freeing Julian Assange from the clutches of the English.

Not one question was asked about the US prison system, which by the way is a main contributor to violations of human rights. Watching that sell out, vile evil press made me sick to my stomach. I heard one person ask Jo Biden about a military invasion. A military invasion where? Russia?

I’m sure that mad-dog press core would love to see a world-war. But I can assure you a conflict between Russia and America wouldn’t end the way the press wants. This is a message for all you media people out there. It feels good to sell out to the establishment doesn’t it? Don’t want to rock the boat of the power elite or you will end up in prison.

I understand, surrounded by those fancy office walls and having those fun work perks. That paycheck is big and nice and you get to mingle with those rich folks at those nice parties. Have fun selling out the public for your own interest and destroying the profession of journalism.


Asian Hate Crimes

At this time in history humanity is facing a battle that threatens our children’s future unless we work together. That requires love and understanding amongst each other in order to win against a deadly enemy that has claimed so many lives.

For some of us it has been a difficult time dealing with the mental aspect of this pandemic. For example, I’m lucky as I have my wife and two young daughters. But at the same time I have been betrayed by people I called friend and abandoned and left for dead during this pandemic. Nonetheless, the best revenge against your enemies and pretenders is your success.

Again, this have been trying times for everyone. So, when I look at the news and I see disturbing images of Asians being attacked in the United States and Canada. I begin to ask the question…why? What in the hell do Asians in the states and Canada or the world have to do with the Chinese government deception and handling of Covid-19? Then I think of course. Only in the United States where this level of championship stupidity can be achieved. You won’t see this type of crap in Germany or the whole of Western Europe.

You tough guys out there attacking old women in their 70s and 80s. Does that make you feel big and tough to attack people base on the way they look? Clowns of the highest order if I ever seen some! None of the Asians that have been attacked have anything to do with the coronavirus. Only in the Americas where such stupidity is thought of and manifested. The situation is disappointing and unproductive because attacking old Asian grandmothers is just goofy and cowardly.

If you have a problem with someone then you should protest against the Chinese government. They are the ones who allowed International flights out their country even though they had stop all domestic flights within their country. The Chinese government are the ones who have lied about the true origin of this virus. I, personally don’t have a problem with (despite their racism towards my black brothers in China) Chinese people and love and respect their history, but my issue is with their government and their attempt along with the crooked W.H.O to change history.

So again, why are you clown-ass fools setting Asians on fire and assaulting innocent grandparents? Tell you what, white Americans do this (attacks and harassment) mess all the time on all groups and get away with it so it isn’t a surprise giving white Americans arrogant racist nature. But black folks should know better! How are you gonna be black and practice bigotry on another group of people? You as a black person don’t have the right to discriminate on another group of people. Then in the next breath complain about white supremacy. I don’t see you attacking racist (of all social classes) white Americans or dragging those racist blood thirsty cops out their homes every time they kill a black man.

But you will attack and stab two old ladies like some clowns. All you people attacking Asians are lucky their wasn’t people like me around. Try that shit with me around or anyone like me and see what happens…unless you are eager to end up in the hospital or ( it’s up to you how far you take the confrontation with me) worse. If I’m willing to shoot a police officer if my life is threatened what the hell you think I’ll do to you a civilian if you threaten me? There is nothing worse than a bully and you clowns are bullies, 100%! You deserve to have you face put in the ground for that clown ass shit! I will say it loud and clear all you punks attacking Asians are coward ass punks and you should have your faced kicked in.

Straight up, ya’ll some clowns for real for that bullshit. Honestly, every one of you committing these hate crimes need your ( black or white) ass beat.


Meghan, Duchess Of Sussex

Ok, I’ll bite and join the international commotion that is the Meghan and Harry show. There are people who have lost their jobs and are forced to go to soup kitchens because of the Pandemic. But, the international media and myself included have decided to report on this self absorbed couple. Before all this circus began I remember Meghan from the TV show “Suits.” Back then she was just a D-level actress.

How she managed to wiggle herself in the same social circle as the royal family is a wonder to me. Most normal people will never meet the ultra rich or even royals in their lifetime. Because( the ultra-rich) these people run in a different universe than the rest of us. Nonetheless, she managed to (prince Harry) tag and bag him. I have been thinking about this situation and I wonder if she ever knew that she was black?

She probably tried to cuddle with those racist white folks in Hollywood while using her mixed skin tone to escape black problems. White people tend to accept light mix tone instead of dark black. Those racist rich white folks don’t won’t no nigga’s hanging around them. See, white folks like to feel comfortable to speak freely. That means saying or acting in a disrespectful way around black people that they wouldn’t do around niggas.

Because nigga’s ( I’m half nigga) will put a foot in these racist white folks ass. We ( nigga’s) don’t care if you are rich or a CEO of a major business. If you notice at every job that’s full of racist white people. They always hire that one nerdy looking black dude who don’t mind being insulted. But with Meghan’s case I don’t think she ever cared for black people issues in her life. I think she was angry because ( how dare they) the royal family reminded her that she was still black.

Her whole life she has been running from being black but she forgot in those white folks eyes…she is still a nigger. Anyway, it’s her fault that she’s in this mess. We all like to dream about marrying a royal but that’s not the reality. The truth is the royal families of Europe are all actually family. For centuries the families of Europe’s royalty have been inbreeding, inbreeding and inbreeding. Which by the way is absolutely disgusting.

And yes, the English royal family are racist. The queen supported apartheid in South Africa and her family supported the slave trade and colonialism. Her ( prince Harry) husband was photographed wearing a Nazi uniform a few years back. Also, rumors of Pedophilia amongst the super-wealthy/royals has been going on for years and nobody cares about that. The queen’s son was caught sleeping with underaged girls in an international sex trafficking ring.

Nobody’s cares about that. That vampire Prince Phillip continues to say racist garbage out his mouth either about brown people or cultures in formal colonies of the empire. Don’t forget the whole family had ties to Hitler and the Nazis. Look it up yourself! If Meghan would have done her research then she would know all of this but maybe she knew but didn’t care. And the British press? Well, any expat/migrant who lives in the UK with any critical thinking skills can clearly see that the British news/press is racist.

I have been in some of the news offices in London. Usually there would be only one black person in the news office in the sea of white people. When I lived there I remember the print media constant daily bombarded criticism of the men in Brussels. In the UK, tabloid news is the reining champion. Nonetheless, Meghan didn’t do her research about the country of England or the culture.

Anyway, so after so many years of ignoring black issues I guess she decides she wants to be a “negra” again. You can’t have it both ways honey.

Charlie Hebdo Depicts The Queen Kneeling On Meghan Merkle’s Neck

I’ve written about this racist publication before. And you wonder why their offices were blazed up the first time. I have no words for these racist clowns. But, “Je suis Charlie,” right? When everybody was on social media jumping on the bandwagon.

The Idiots on Facebook should of check to see why these people were shot up. I tell you now this racist publication isn’t worried about the international backlash from showcasing this disgusting drawing. Because soon Marine Le Pen will be French President.

Then the publication can do what they want with the support from the new President—as Marine Le Pen kick out all the Jews, Muslims, and black immigrants.

Another Social Insider Promo

Look, the truth of the matter is this blog might not be for everyone. This blog is for people who are tired of encountering so much injustice in their lives. That means having to deal with government corruption.

Dealing with the greedy capitalists who benefit off the working class. Dealing with coward mangers who threatened to fire you if you don’t bend to their power hungry demands. That means dealing with bullies in society who try to bring you to your knees. 98 percent of culture and news that western society feeds you is horse shit.

Some people are happy to eat that horse shit because they lack the intelligence or are too scared to confront the reality. And the reality? That you aren’t really free but you have the illusion of freedom. This blog isn’t for cowards and yes-men/women but free thinkers who want to change EVERYTHING!

My Promo is for free thinkers… free thinkers only. This website is designed to start a movement, free your mind from being a mindless sheep and to help you deal with daily bullshit in your life. If you are a unicorn than I suggest you go to another website.

Just Wear It!

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