Get insights on content buckets by tagging both own and competitive content

Tap into advanced social media post analysis to compare the performance of different content buckets and identify content optimisation strategies.

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Content buckets tags

Tag social media posts and group them into content themes

Automatically tag social media posts based on keywords and hashtags and group your content into different pillars.

Quickly cluster your competitor’s social media posts into topic categories and identify new content ideas that you can leverage to improve your strategy and gain a competitive advantage.

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content buckets tagging
social media campaign performance report

Campaigns performance benchmarks

Identify your most successful campaigns across channels

Look at your social media campaigns’ KPIs to understand which were your most effective campaigns.

Discover the best-performing platform for different campaigns to optimise your future social media strategy.

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Socialinsider is a smart, simple, and easy-to-understand social media analytics tool and provides the value we need for our brands in social media.

Social posts analysis with history data

Get historical content categories

Analyze content buckets from the past to identify your best-performing content themes. Compare past data for different posts associated with a certain topic to understand how to optimize your strategy.

Get new content ideas based on what's working and what's not.

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historical content categories

Frequently Asked Questions

Why run an analysis of social media posts?

Understanding which content buckets and social media campaigns are most successful in helping a brand accomplish its social media goals is essential for content strategy and budget optimization, which are important factors for business growth.

For an in-depth content analysis of social media posts, you can turn to a social media analytics tool that puts together social media campaign analysis reports based on your indicated terms and criteria.

When performing a post analysis, it’s important to look at several metrics, such as engagement, impressions, reach, and clicks, and interpret the data based on your social media objectives.

Socialinsider provides social media campaign performance data analyzed from multiple perspectives. By looking at both your branded and your competitors’ best-performing content pillars, you can gain multiple content optimization ideas and improve your social performance.

Optimize your content strategy and campaigns with powerful posts analytics insights!

Discover what are your best-performing content segments across channels, altogether with your competitors’, and develop social media posts based on your audience’s preferences.

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