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Competitor analysis

Perform a social media competitor analysis like a pro

Get an overview of your competitors’ social media performance by running a head-to-head social media competitive analysis.

Use Socialinsider’s social media competitive analysis tools to discover your competitors’ weakest and strongest strategy points and gain a competitive advantage.

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social media competitive analysis dashboard
industry benchmarks

Social media benchmarks

Benchmarks against industry, competitors, or brands you admire

Add competitive context to your social media data by digging into in-depth social media benchmarks.

Leverage industry and competitive social media analytics to understand better how your brand’s social performance stacks up against your market.

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Socialinsider is a smart, simple, and easy-to-understand social media analytics tool and provides the value we need for our brands in social media.

Cross-channel analysis

Understand what’s working and what’s not for your niche

Use a social media competitor analysis tool to understand what is your competitor’s best-performing platform and see how their metrics stack up against yours.

Leverage competitors’ social media data to identify future trends and optimize your strategy.

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cross channel competitor analysis
campaigns competitive insights

Campaign report

Measure your competitors’ campaigns performance

Get the engagement metrics of any brand’s campaigns. Identify the top-performing social posts from each competitor and analyse what makes them successful: social platform choice, caption length, or content formats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why run a social media competitor analysis?

By doing a competitor analysis on social media, you can better evaluate your own brand’s performance. Through social media benchmarking, you’ll be able to see if your social strategies are more effective than your competitors, identify areas of improvement, get content ideas, and better understand and predict industry trends.

Competitive benchmarking can be performed at a platform level and across multiple channels, which is recommended for a more accurate perspective of the social media landscape.

To simplify competitor research, you can use a social media competitive analysis tool like Socialinsider, which offers social media industry benchmarks besides competitive insights.

When doing a social media competitive analysis it’s important to start with the most relevant metrics for your brand. Usually, KPIs like engagement, number of fans, or top posts are important to track.

A more in-depth look at competitive social media analytics is helpful in identifying your competitor’s social media strategies, given that a limited series of metrics monitored may not always offer the most accurate insights since different brands can have different objectives.

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