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Facebook analytics and reports

Oversee all your KPIs in a single Facebook analytics dashboard

Understand the effectiveness of your current Facebook marketing strategy by monitoring key performance metrics, such as fan growth, engagement data, reach, impressions, clicks, content types, and more.

Access demographics and history data to identify your best content strategies over time and leverage these insights to create more targeted, better-performing content formats.

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Facebook post analytics

Analyze your Facebook posts based on keywords or topics

Tag and group Facebook posts based on keywords or topics. Discover the best-performing content formats for your brand and which social media campaigns are the most successful.

Dive into detailed Facebook post analytics to get insights into optimizing your Facebook strategy and creating more engaging content.

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Socialinsider gives us insightful charts from social media KPIs to best performing content examples on all major platforms.

Facebook competitor analysis

Access Facebook competitive data

Track your competitor’s Facebook analytics to compare your KPIs and identify the Facebook marketing strategies that are the most effective.

Leverage competitive data to get channel-specific and across-platform performance insights that will help you improve your posts.

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Facebook industry benchmarks

Compare your Facebook performance with your industry

Make relevant brand-to-industry comparisons and power up your Facebook analysis reports.

Put your data into context and evaluate your brand’s Facebook performance based on industry trends. Compare engagement and analyze posting patterns within the industry that you can leverage to improve your strategy.

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Facebook video analytics

Improve your video strategy with Facebook data

Understand what types of video content is more likely to help you improve your page’s performance.

Look at key video metrics, such as views, watch time, engagement by caption length and format, and use this insightful Facebook analytics data to create an enhanced video strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

Why choose a Facebook analytics tool for your reporting?

As opposed to the native Facebook analytics, a third-party tool offers data with more context, altogether with competitive insights, industry benchmarks, historical posts data.

Beyond basic reporting, Socialinsider offers features that facilitate a deeper understanding of the social media landscape, such as industry benchmarks, social media content pillars, and more integrations.

With Socialinsider, you can quickly download your Facebook page’s analytics in multiple formats: CSV, Excel, PDF, or PPT. These reports contain all the key metrics digital usually reports on, such as engagement, reach, impressions, top posts, and many more.

Using Socialinsider, you can even fully automate your Facebook reporting by setting automated reports that you’ll get via email depending on your wanted recurrence.

Socialinsider offers various metrics, including follower growth, engagement metrics, demographic data, reach, and impressions.
On top of these, Socialinsider’s analytics tool provides:

  • Competitor analysis.
  • Industry benchmarks.
  • The option to analyze the posts based on keywords or topics.
  • Social media reports in multiple formats.
  • Integrations with Looker (Google Data Studio) and Microsoft Power BI.

Gain strategic insights from any Facebook page data!

Perform Facebook audits, run competitor analysis, get more video views with a complete Facebook analytics tool.

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